2020 Honda Civic Sedan LX CVT

How is this deal?

Way too much for a base Civic, better cars out there for the money

Thanks for your input. Could you please name some as I am looking for a lease car for my son and he needs to be on the $250 ish range with $0 drive-off. Top tirer credit

Happy Holidays!

I’ll throw the Jetta out there,

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Go for a 2019 model

I am getting awful quotes for 2019 Jetta SE’ this year in AZ. However, two years ago I got one for @221 $0 DAS

I would look at a Hyundai Elantra. I just checked Edmunds with a Phoenix zip code and there are base model Elantras for 235 a month including tax. That’s with a grand down. Rolling the thousand into it would take it to about 265; and you could work on getting the dealership to split that 1000 dollars from the price which would take it to around your 250 mark. Not the flashiest car, but reliable and safe.

We ended up leasing a 2020 Forte GT. My son loves it!
MSRP: $23,215
True $0 Drive-off (only signature)
$274.73 a month incl. TAX (35 payments)

Thank you guys!

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