2020 Honda Accord 2.0T

Hey guys currently working on a lease deal for a 2020 Accord 2.0T, heres where I’m at so far.

60647 zip code (chicago area)
MSRP: 32,315
Purchase price: 28,592 (including 955 destination)
Trade in value: 1,400
Final price: 29,194 (includes doc fee: 300, tax: 791, non-tax fee: 911)
Down payment: 1000 (500 first responder incentive + 500 of my own (even though I told her I dont want to put any money down))
MF: 0.00087
RV: 63

Monthly: 320 (includes tax/fees)

Is this “non-tax fee” negotiable?

What do you guys think? I think it can go even lower…still waiting on a couple quotes from nearby dealers.


What are you trading in? Whatever it is sell it privately. Cheap cars go fast and easy.

What is the DAS?


Its a honda civic with a lot of problems - wouldn’t even feel right selling it someone. I know I can get more in PP sales but were in a bit of a time constraint so i dont mind the loss.

I guess DAS is 1000 since all the fees/taxes are within the monthly. Idk if that’s safe to assume. I’ll clarify. This whole deal was negotiated over text lol.

Update: DAS - 500 which I think I can get rid of.

Numbers are kinda confusing but if your selling price is actually $28592 before incentives that’s REALLY GOOD for a Honda.

Also you’re registering in Chicago with Chicago double tax so your payment will be higher than other numbers you see around here.

Also think about buying wheel and tire - every single person I know with the sport trim accord has curbed their wheels

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I disagree with @chrishs2000 and am with you on this one @pratpatel about taking the $1,400 trade in value. Got grief last year for trading in a Kia with a blue book of $600 telling me it must be worth more if sold privately. But it had been on the market for two weeks at $1000 and no one had taken it. Then a dealer gave me $1300 trade in value on top of an already solid deal which I happily took. Not to mention the pain in the ass of (often multiple) people calling, kicking tires, test drives, haggling with you. No thanks. Please take it off my hands dealer. AWD for under $200! Leased: 2019 Subaru Impreza 36/12 for $185 incl. tax, $1,000 DAS + Trade-in

I sold my car privately when I leased my first car, got rid of it in less than a week and got over 100% more than they were offering for trade in. I would never trade ny car in, never would give them the benefit of undre pricing my trade in where I know little patience can get you literally 100-200% more than what they are offering. I know they have to make money on buying out your used vehicle but would rather see the money in my pockets than those suckers …

Your effective payment is $347.78, which is better than some of the other Honda deals we have seen. Though some of that is due to the extra $1400 that they are giving you for the trade-in. If your car is falling apart it might be worth selling it to the dealer rather than selling it private party. I wouldn’t think that you would get much more if somebody else would have to spend a decent amount of money to fix it up.

For the fees, I would ask for a breakdown of what they actually are. Dealer fees are negotiable, but dealers sometimes do not like to negotiate those. It might be easier to just negotiate a larger discount in order to compensate for those fees. You are at 8.5% right now pre-incentive.

You can get into a 2020 Acura TLX at a better price, as there is a $6,100 Acura to dealer incentive on leases right now…

@volvo1 Thanks ill work on a higher discount. Which numbers did you use to get 8.5%?

@Strz I’ve looked into TLX and the only incentive I qualify for right now is the 750 first responder. I think overall I’m lacking on lease cash which is preventing me from some of the rly good deals I’m seeing on this forum. Also I’m not a huge fan of the current TLX, if that 2021 redesign happened sooner I would 100% be getting that instead >_<

((32315-28592)/(32315))*100. That equals approximately 8.5%.

@Traderx I hear you, but due to circumstances, I neeeeed to get rid of this car asap and I just dont have time for a private sell. I barely have time to make this lease thing happen lol.

I really want this monthly payment to be <300 w/ taxes. Is that feasible?

Probably not with a 2.0T. Definitely with a 1.5T Sport, which usually have the highest RV.

@volvo1 I was calculating the discount without using the destination fee, didn’t realize it should include that. I’ll push for a bit more than when I see them in person, maybe they’ll be more willing that way. Thanks for the info!

Negotiate over phone/email.

The big Acura incentives are direct to dealer, so you don’t have to qualify or anything, just know that they are there.

Don’t step foot in the door of that dealership unless it is to take delivery of the deal you already agreed to via email.


For those of us not familiar with Chicago area zip codes, please be specific… Is that IN Chicago or just in the general area? There is a significant difference in tax burden if you’re actually in Chicago.

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@mllcb42 my mistake - im buying it in chicago but registering it for NYC - 11217 zip code

@mllcb42 I never agreed to a deal. She just sent me a lease quote. I told her that I’m not happy with the current price.