2020 bolt -Chicago - $4950 one pay- 36/10k. Get them while they are hot

Worked them for this one. Got a lot of msrp so worked out great. And I had 900 on my gm card and paid for it all with my gm card. So really only costing me right at 3800 bucks. Lol.

Anyone looking for the same deal hit my buddy up at Phillips Chevy in Frankfort.
Rami - 708-623-4711 is his cell
Just shoot him a text and he will get your deal done asap. No bull shit best buy I have ever dealt with, and I have bought over 100 cars in my life.


15% off… Wew lad!


Very nice! Don’t forget the pics :grin:

That’s a great deal! And for the loaded LT. Does that include tax? I though IL had the crappy tax rule like TX where you have to pay tax on the whole value of the car.

Daymn! Mind PM’ing me the dealer info?

No that’s all in one pay. Nothing else.
Illinois just pay tax on what u lease not whole car price.

Their tax rate is ridiculously high but when essentially get a car for free it doesn’t matter.

DeaL is done. Put it on the limiter 92mph. lol.


It’s only ridiculous if you live in Chicago, otherwise it’s fairly standard.

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Welcome to the :zap: club! Throw into L for one pedal driving

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Can you please PM the dealer

Great deal! Meanwhile, NJ dealers don’t even want to give $3k off sticker.

I wish you could pick up a car from out of state and still get the 5k rebate.

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:slight_smile: that’s the mistake I did by picking up my first bolt from MD. And now I had to redo everything to qualify for 5K.
Hopefully it will work out fine.

I still think they should have honored it for you, that was the program administrator’s fault. At least it sounds like it ended up working out this way.

Yes, absolutely agreed.
But looking at experiences here, I decided not to spend further time and efforts on that MD lease.
And continued with this approach.

How is it free? Is there some tax credit?

The cheaper the total lease payments the less tax you pay (unless it’s a state like TX which taxes the entire sales price).

can you pm dealer please? i’m in west suburbs but happy to go get a deal.

i’m not all up on EV rebates…assuming $5K or $7.5K federal credit or is there an IL specific? quick google search didn’t show any IL EV rebate. i could be wrong.

my searches for Bolt EV’s show cashback incentive of $8500 (but lots of asterisks around not applying to lease/finance, etc.). any help would be awesome.

we could use another vehicle and this would be great to get started in Electric as well.

You really need to start from square one and understand what incentives are applicable to leases. Lots of examples here to review.

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If you haven’t done so - start with this thread: