2020 BMW X5 m50i - Lease Deal

First Post! What do you guys think?

Discount of 9%
MF: .00145
7 MSD’s, new MF .00110
Residual: 58%
36 months / 10k miles
Loyalty: $1250 (unknown program)

  • custom ordered car. Build date estimated Oct 1

Not bad at all. This is actually a great deal considering it’s a entirely new car (not just redesigned version of previous). I’m surprised they are already giving 9% off… when is it expected to hit the lot?

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Custom ordered. Early October build.

Awesome deal, thanks for sharing. I am going to try and replicate if possible!

105k holy sh*t haha, whats the base price on the m50?

9% is pretty damned aggressive for these and in reality for any 2020 X5. But I’m certain if someone had a favor to call in they could get all the holdback thrown in as well (~12-13%)

25k worth of options? This car will be stellar

Discount looks great. Especially for an order

12-13% seems quite a stretch. New hackr goal?

Quick!! Someone tell me this car is a bad idea and that an x7 40i for the same price is far more practical. Just test drove one last night and i think i need one!

Completely different car, bud. The X7 is big and brutish while the X5 retains some semblance of grace.


the x5 m50 is an suv that’s basically a muscle truck, it’s like a jeep srt or a Porsche cayenne gts. It has all the practicality of an SUV but eats v8 Mustangs, camaros and scat packs for lunch out on the streets.

The x7 is a luxury suv, completely different class


I want one…if only the payment didn’t resemble my mortgage payment…hahah.


I mean lowkey if he’s paying $1100-1200 a month for an m50 just wait for the x5 M, at least at $1400-$1500 you can spank corvettes and lamborghinis. They both are definitely the best of both worlds tho, luxury and speed.

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Can you say where this deal was offered?

Was not even considering the x5 until i saw the m50 on the floor…totally blacked out with 22" wheels. Ive been patiently waiting for x7s deals, which are finally here, and along comes this curveball. I haven’t started talking price but if i could even manage anything close to what this guy got it will lease better than a similarly priced x7 on residual alone. Residual on x7 is horrible!

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X7 is the same residual as X5 right now (at least until Sept program comes out - then who knows). X7s are selling well so discount is harder to get. However, anyone willing to take a 19 can likely get a nice deal now that 20s are arriving on the lots.

9% is very respectable for a new order on a 2020. Max I’ve seen is 10% but that’s going to be very tough right now - there’s no real incentive for a dealer to do that at the moment.

pray it doesn’t have black rims standard, you hate those lol.

Maybe it will have black wheels and chrome tires.


No way the x7 and x5 m50i have same residual. X7 sales are in the dumps, down nearly 40% from last month, and any recent growth is spawned only from dealers looking to move old inventory. Residual on x5 m50i should be around 60%; waiting to see quote from dealer.