2019 XC90 R-Design Lease Offer help

I have a current offer for a 2019 XC90 T6 R-Design
MSRP- 71305
Cap Cost- 61298
MF .000990
RV 57%
Tax 4.5%
No money down, nothing due at signing.
$705.01/mo with tax

I know that the MF is inflated, the buy rate is .00078. This dealer has no handling fees and the sales person said they can’t bring the MF down to the buy rate.
After looking at others in the forum this seems like a bad deal. Any thoughts?

What is the pre-incentive sales price?

It is bad, even without knowing all the details.

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I don’t know that information.

I thought it was a bad deal. Thanks for confirming. Any advice to help make it better?

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You should probably find that out so you can compare this against other deals.

If you want to know where to make improvements, you need to know where you’re starting.

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That makes sense. Thank you!

What do you think of this deal-

MSRP 74225
Sale price 61581
No money down
Fees 1706
1st payment rebate
MF .00098
RV 57%
$695/mo with tax

Thank you!

What’s the pre-incentive sales price?

They are saying 65581

I looked up the broker 0 drive off price and it was 700, it was 15.4 off msrp. So I don’t think your terrible. Shoot for 20% off can’t hurt. It’s a left over see how hard they want to move it

So $4k in incentives. I’d confirm with Edmunds just to be sure.

That puts you at 11.8% pre-incentive which isn’t bad. Probably a little room, but not bad if you can get there at base mf. Are they adding in any extra dealer accessories, etc?

That’s asking for 15% off pre-incentive. That’s a great way to shut down the conversation and end the discussion.

Broker didn’t have it broken down. He was at overall about 15%. Shoot for the stars and accept with what your happy with

Shooting too high is a great way to have a dealer not take you seriously and just say no. Be aggressive, but be realistic.

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It’s 3k more off a 71k car that’s an outgoing model. I’d ask for that all day.
But back to the org question I personally don’t think it’s a terrible deal but I think you have more room.


That person paid $4k at signing and was also for 10k miles per year rather than 12k.

Edit: but yes, that was a great pre-incentive discount.

That’s at 14.5% pre-incentive, which is unheard of other than that one deal, on the last day of the month, so likely desperately trying to hit a bonus number. But yes, you’re right, one deal at that number exists

MF is also higher, so it may have been marked up or it may have changed for November.

None of that is relevant to the deal, only what the final monthly came out to. This is why comparing pre-incentive discounts is a good way to compare different lease terms.