2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE: $187/month @36month/7500mi, $2500 DAS

I think in the first one ($9k residual value), you accounted the CVRP. In the bayside offer of $12k residual value, you did not include that. But I could be wrong, please correct me if that’s the case. I’m just learning this as I go.

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Buy side also seems to either know or think those incentives are good through April

I rarely post stuff, but since we had e-golf wrong on our website, I wanted to clarify. The VW e-Golf special programs for March have a $4000 incentive but only using VW standard rate on this car which is .00252. Our system defaults to subvented rates but combined that rate with selling price that included the $4K incentive. Thus, we had a payment that is too low. Here is our deal on the VW e-Golf SE
MSRP: 33575
Price: 25475
Rebate: 7500
MF: .00252
Residual @10K : 37%
$2,500 drive off, 239/mo (includes sales tax of 8.5%)
This NorCal only

well that changes it.

Yes - but still very strong lease program on this car.

Thank you for posting this. What do you all think of this deal, I’m about to pull the trigger tomorrow.

Also here is lease deal with same incentives.

That lease looks better than the quotes I’ve gotten, but I’m in a different area.
$156/mo before taxes for a 36/12k. I’m impressed!

sale price is $24,475? is this an SE with Driver Assistant package? If so, which dealer?

Big props to Chris at Buyside. He was a big help in making my e-golf deal. Good guy!

You can replicate the following deal at VW Hayward. Just got it done with Vlad, he was awesome. His number is 408 480 one seven zero three.

4200 first payment (includes my 8.75% tax)
Then 156.96 per month plus tax
36mo/12k miles

After CA rebate and PGE rebate it’s about 196/mo for me if we divide total cost by 36 months.

Thanks everyone for the deal.


well, i met Vlad on Sunday. hasn’t returned my texts…

He was replying back to me after hours at 9pm and he didn’t have to do it. I’m not sure what happened with your situation but you should reach out. Got the deal signed yesterday and worked over text Monday to get numbers and filled out preapproval for lease.

We’re back on texting terms. Let see if he can deliver.

Glad you could work out your differences. Tell him Alex says hello. What color are you getting?

Another shout-out for Vlad at Hayward. Price couldn’t be beat by anyone else I checked with in the area and good service as well. No tricks tried, no upsells in finance and everything was ready when I got there barring a small glitch in the car itself. Waiting on the replacement to charge right now.

What price?

24475 as shown in the 1st screen shot.

Sorry, that was for avd…

Hi, does $24,475 price includes Driver Assistant package?