2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE: $187/month @36month/7500mi, $2500 DAS

Probably not.

A MSRP of $33,575 indicates that it includes DAP.

Yes it does have assist package. All come with DC fast charge as well.

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Dang that’s a sweet deal!

The car is pretty amazing. The DAP blew my mind. Signed the deal and had to leave on vacation next day. Can’t wait to come back and drive it!

What’s so special about it? It’s just the blind spot, lane keep, auto brake and acc…right?

Mark - seems more advanced that previous ACC cars I’ve driven. Basically like Tesla AP but you have to do your own steering. For example, you can set the parameters when you are at a standstill in traffic (distance to follow and speed) and the car will drive when everyone goes.

Also ADP has rear monitoring which will prevent collision into pedestrian or car when you back up. I haven’t tried it but that’s what the sales rep told me.

Oh, i see…it has stop and go…that is nice to have in Ca.

Thanks for the info…that sounds alot like what my wife Clarity has.

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Thanks all. I was also able to lease e-golf will similar numbers.

Has anyone seen a similar deal for SoCal?

Edit: Sort of similar deal: March VW and Subaru Hacker Deals: SOCAL

Can I get the dealer name. TY

Pacific VW are running a special that is similar in pricing. Good luck getting them to give you pricing.

Got a quote for SE with Driver Assistant package(in Bay Area), knocking down another $12~$18 shouldn’t be a problem since this is just an initial quote. Anyone who’s interested, PM me for dealer info.
MSRP of $33575
Price: $24500
Standard rebate: $7500
Terms: 36/10
$2,500 drive off, 199(excluded tax)

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17k after rebate? 24 m is likely even lower monthly

but 24m can’t qualify for the CVRP($2500) rebate.


Bought it outright for $24,475. I figure with $7500 tax credit and $2500 rebate, I’m getting a new EV car for $15k. Sure it only gets 125 mile range, but my other car gets 90 and it’s been fine. I’m still a little unsure why this isn’t more popular.

Thanks for the folks who posted the gold in this thread.
Just signed my SE with DAP.
MSRP $33449
Sale price $25023.
DAS $2138 includes 1st mo

Negotiated (well one email) to Serramonte VW in NorCal to salesman Sho T.