2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE: $187/month @36month/7500mi, $2500 DAS

Long time lurker, first time lessee. Go easy on me.

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE:

MSRP: $33,575
Selling Price: $24,200 (including -$500 VPP)
Monthly Payment: $187.05 including tax
Cash Due at Signing: $2500
Incentives: $7500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7500
MF: .00252 (marked way up to get the selling price down)
Residual: 38%

Region: Norcal
Leasehackr Score:14.5 (before post-sale rebates)

Some thoughts on…
MF: With the high MF, you can save money by putting more down, but it wasn’t worth the risk to me. Minimum down at this particular dealer was $1800. Other dealers were also giving me numbers with the MF marked up.
Selling price: Other dealers claimed to be able to do a similar discount ($8,000+ before VPP).

The forum/community has been super helpful in the lease negotiations. Thanks everyone!


Great deal! Congrats. e-Golf is a lovely car.

Is the residual really only 38%?

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Electrics tend to have lower EVs as there’s less data on them and the risk of obsolescence is higher than ICE.

If I’m reading this right you can buy it for 28% off MSRP and the rebate is another 22% of MSRP. You have sales tax but CVRP more than covers that. So you can buy this car all in for less than $17K?!?

I was doing the math and purchasing was a tempting option. With the discount, out the door would have been just over $16k post-rebates, but you must finance to get the discount. Finance rate (~6%) wasn’t bad and most VW dealers “allow” you to pay off the loan without penalty in 3-6 months. For reference, there are used 2017 e-Golfs models selling for more than that in my area.

In the end an EV with 125mi of range will be worth exactly a bag of unsalted peanuts in 2022 so I decided to go with the lease.

Please share dealer.


Thanks for sharing @nekoball! I just signed an e-golf as well in the Bay Area. Confirmed that all the dealers had marked up money factors but the deal was still good overall. I’m a bit confused at the DAS amount as it was 2k for me which included tax, title, doc fees, first month, and acquisition fee. The tax on capital cost reduction threw me off the most (600 ish) and the best I can figure out is that I’m paying tax on the $7500 fed rebate? Maybe experienced CA hackrs might know. Aside from the 2k DAS, I got a 24 month 12k miles per year lease for $170 a month including tax. I don’t qualify for the cvrp rebate but will for the $800 pge so not too shabby :slight_smile:

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I actually think it’s fair…maybe high. The msrp may be $34k on paper but in Ca the actual price is under $24 (7500 fed + 2500 cvrp + utility). The RV is at 13700 so the real residual is close to 60%. As i said…high.

OP, great deal. Enjoy the car!

Can you post or DM me the dealer. I’m interested in this deal also.

interested in leasing. can you please let me know the dealer name? Thanks

I am interested in this as well, please share the dealer name?

I am interested in this as well, please share the dealer name?

Yep. The $7500 federal rebate, which is passed on to the lessees as a bonus cash incentive, is taxable. The rest of the drive offs are acquisition (~$675), dealer/doc fee (~$80), and DMV (~$350). Good call–if you don’t qualify for CVRP, the 24 month lease is the way to go.

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For those looking for dealers… as I mentioned in the OP, most dealers will match. Even a cursory search of bay area dealers will show multiple dealers advertising a $8000+ discount and/or $7x/month @24 month with $xxxx down + drive offs. Any dealer with inventory should be able to get close.

Can you detail the process into how you got the VPP?

VPP was a perk offered through my employer.

@nekoball, what is your reasoning behind

Good call–if you don’t qualify for CVRP, the 24 month lease is the way to go.

That sounds like a lower sale price than what the OP mentioned. Which dealership is this at and what did you use to negotiate?

It’s lower because I went for a 24 month lease instead of 36 month. As @nekoball mentioned, this is a better deal if you don’t qualify for the CVRP $2500 rebate (you need to lease for min 30 months + meet income requirements. I leased from Capitol VW in San Jose, but they aren’t honoring the deal anymore. Some BS lie about pulling incentives. The salesperson (Vlad) at VW Hayward said he would honor a 24 month 10k miles at $182 a month (including tax).