2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE: $187/month @36month/7500mi, $2500 DAS

Capitol VW is offering only what is on their website which is just a 7.7k discount on MSRP :frowning:
Thanks for the tip on Hayward.
I don’t qualify for the cvrp but I don’t understand how the 24mo is a better deal. Are you accounting for another round of disposition and acquisition fees + title at 2yr instead of 3?

Could you share the information?

leased my first car a year ago - honda clarity.
so i was considering buying a 2016 for $11K for the soon to be driver in the family. i wonder if buying a 2019 with 125 mi range is better. $33, 575 down to $24,700 after incentives and then $7500 + $2500 fed & state incentives = $14,700 + ta, license for a 2019. i plan to keep the car for the new drivers after that.
Am I doing this math right?
And would dealers just sell me the car at these prices?

I doubt the incentives are the same on a purchase vs a lease. If you can truly get the selling price that cheap then it’s a no brained over the 2016.

buy for just over $16k?

or i can lease for
DAS = 2500
Monthly 187 X 36 = 6732
CCRP = -2500
6732 lease for 3 years, then 38% residual (on 24200) = 9196

lease for 3 years at net $6732 after CVRP and buy in 3 years for $9196 = $15,928 + tax , license?
that seems like a better option than buying outright now. gives me 3 years to decide what else is available in 3 years.

They will not give you $9k off before rebates…no way. If you wanna get that go to the Bolt…but do it fast before the end of the month.

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Your math is more or less correct. I commented on purchasing earlier in this post, but that information may or may not be outdated by now:

They were in fact willing to do -$8,000+ discounts for the SE (-$9,000 for SEL) for purchases before fed/state/utility rebates, with the caveat being that you had to finance at marked up interest rate. When I inquired earlier this month, I was able to get as low as 2̶.̶5̶%̶ 5.7%/72 months.

I don’t know if any of those offers still stand.

Wait…so the “marked up” is only 2.5?! I would take that! That’s only about $2k in interest.
I don’t understand how can it be such of a big difference between San Fran and SoCal when it comes to these deals. Here the deals are crappy at best.

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That actually sounded too good and I doubled checked my email and it was actually 5.7% to finance. Annoying, but not a big deal if you pay it off early or refinance with your own bank.


so came back from a VW dealer. their system was down, so we did everything by hand and in round numbers. i wanted the driver assistance package. so either way, $9100 incentive BEFORE fed/state etc.

For purchase, right? Because if you’re talking lease then the fed is already included…

yes purchase. we discussed 2 scenarios. first to least for 3 years and what the residual would be to get a total buy after lease cost. second is to buy outright. both had incentive of $9100 to lower sale cost. so buy was $16,992 net after ALL incentives ( $9100 off MSRP, $7500 credit, $2500 rebate) for SE with Driver assistance. i’m waiting to get real offers on paper to respond to, not just hand calculations.
Also, I don’t need the car right away, maybe June is better for me. should I wait or jump on this?

No one can tell you if you need to jump or wait…but if the price is ridiculously right I don’t wait. If you go for it let me know the details…for that big of a discount i would fly to NorCal and drive back.

i visited one dealer. have sent an email off to another. will update with real offers.
driving back would entail at least a couple of charging stops. thank goodness 2019 SE have DC fast charging standard!

Problem is the distance between the DCs. One is 100+ miles so I would be living on the edge…lol. There are a ton of regular chargers. But yeah, the DC would take 20 min per session which is great.

looks like 3 have the most in stock 17 or so: Hayward, Oakland and Stevens Creek. Dirito Bros in Walnut creek has 12 according the VW website and inventory. SF and Dublin have less

buyside is offering this. slightly more $ than rock bottom but maybe easier?

$2189/36 is about $61. Add that to your payment of $155 is an effective monthly of $216, which is just a couple dollars more than your previous offer. Previous offer of $187/mo with DAS $2500. I’m assuming the same TTL and first payment in the DAS, which puts capital reduction at about $900. $900/36 = $25/mo. Add that to your $187 monthly, makes an effective $212/mo payment.

I’m looking in the same area, but so far haven’t gotten a lease sheet from the two I’ve contacted online.

i was also looking a residual, where the first was closer to $9k and buyside is $12K. am also waiting on lease sheets.