2019 Subaru Crosstrek, Premium


2019 Subaru, Crosstrek - premium
MSRP 27,229
Agreed Price 24,462
MF .00160
Res. 63%
Did I get a fair deal

$300+ a month for a normally aspirated 4 cyl with 152hp? I still can’t figure why people pay so much for a Subaru that’s loaded up but still has the same engine as the base model impreza, :thinking:


63% RV on a 36/12 is pretty strong… wow

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Subaru, like Harley Davidson, has an inexplicably loyal base. And performance isn’t their primary concern.

Oh I know, I live in Colorado, it boggles my mind. And they’ll dump endless amounts of cash to keep them running, clutches, head gaskets. I’ve leased cars for less than people have spent on maintenance on them, but I’m the stupid one throwing my money away on leases…:rofl:. If you want a cheap awd car, that’s exactly what it is, although some them aren’t that cheap.

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I can not agree with you more. I will never understand the Subaru obsession. Slow, ugly, expensive to maintain. There just seems to be so many more options for cars that lease for less and are a lot more engaging.


I haven’t really added anything to the conversation other than there’s other cars that offer more for the money, but maybe some Subaru experts can chime in on the OP deal?

They do fill the AWD niche with some low cost options. I can see that appeal in places like CO etc.

Right you are Batmitestar. Love the ride, especially in the snow. Currently have an outback and impreza (trading in). BTW…Subaru customer service issued me a $500.00 loyalty coupon for the trade-in. As for normally aspirated performance, joeblogs, nothing better then my 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.9 Quadrifoglio, 505hp, well over $300 per month and still can’t drive it in the snow.

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Great residual but I leased a 2014 Outback for $300 something a month, then when that CVT exploded, I returned and leased a 2016 Volvo XC70 for the same $, nav, more mileage.

The key is to keep them, do as little maintenance as possible then run them into the ground. I drove my 2002 Outback into the ground only at 150k but. Head gasket started leaking at 86k and I just said “fuck it.” Kept after the oil level but once it was leaking a small river that was ruining my new driveway, I sold it to a mechanic.

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I think it’s a pretty good deal. I like to go for 12-13% with my Subie deals, but that’s 3000 miles away This is closer to 10.2%

Just got a second Subaru…2019 Forester Limited…why do I like it? Tons of safety and something virtually no one has anymore…visibility. It’s like sitting a fish bowl (my old 1973 MB 280 felt this way too).

Too many cars feel closed in with high waistlines and thick A/B pillars…Subaru is the opposite.

Factor in the four wheel drive, plus they now have pretty much most of the tech other cars do, for a very reasonable price. And the interior finishes are much nicer than some other cars.

Where else can I get a loaded SUV (newest generation) for $375/month with tax, zero drive off, for 36/12K? And I have no interest in getting a stripped loaner.

As for the power, I live in LA… there is no where to go. Yesterday it took me 1:55 minutes to go 10 miles down Sunset Blvd.

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Consumer Reports sure does love the Subie

I think it’s more of a image thing “false modesty”


It’s hard to agree with this part. That black plastic they pour everywhere looks like stuff even Ford rejects.


cheap plastic on the inside, 1995 looking on the outside … I’ll never understand.


I prefer “loaded” fart cars(loaners)

I just returned my 2015 Ford Edge. The Subaru is a luxury car compared to interior of the ford.

And I really enjoyed my Edge.

I suggest people reading this check out the cars. If everyone felt the same, we would all be driving the same cars.

The reliability isn’t really an issue w/ a lease, though, right? The fit and finish of the newer gen cars is vastly improved over the old ones.

Subarus don’t hugely interest me (I have no need for AWD), but I can certainly understand why the high residuals and lots of standard safety equipment make them appealing, esp for a lease.

If they sold the Levorg or a non-lifted Legacy wagon (esp for the next gen and w/ the option of the turbo engine), I’d be considerably more interested…

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