2019 Mercedes Benz E300 Sedan?

Not seeing much post for E300, just curious what are the monthly payment that hackers would consider an unicorn deal?


$163/mo would be a unicorn deal.



If it was $163, I’d maybe be able to afford a second car! There’s a Mercedes dealership practically attached to my building, so I could drop right in! Haha.

You don’t see many, because an equivalent 530i and 530e lease way better for the MSRP - with less effort. The large availability of 5 series loaners also makes it easier.

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This is the deal I got back in April:

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Thats why… guessing new 530e can easily get 15% off+rebates

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

you can try to work for a forte or so :innocent:

While you may not get a $3xx per month deal, there is still value in chasing a E300 if it’s your car. WHen i got my first one in 2018, people were getting high $2xx per month deals. With current MF and RVs that is long gone but a mid $400/month pre tax with first month DAS and MSD is entirely possible on a $65k loaner with options - you just need to armed and ready! That compares very well with what brokers are offering on 530 loaners. Not everyone has BMW loyalty which then only means you qualify for conquest and thus $1000 vs $2000 (so add ~$30 month to their deals). Also BMW loaners don’t qualify for CCA. Many, but not all, have an OL code so I’ll keep that variable in there. Plus you have to factor in the $500 broker fee so add $15 per month for that). In the end your at high $400s with only first month at sign on a 530 loaner after factoring all that in This is going by what brokers are posting and people seem to be drooling over. Yes you could hack one (perhaps a 530e) and get it a bit less but I just think an equivalent E class isn’t that much more or about the same.

In the end I feel people get unicorn deals on 5 series because they see what brokers are posting and are inspired to chase a deal on their own. Which is awesome! But brokers don’t post many MB deals and thus many think hacks are not possible. This is just my gut feeling from surfing the forums with no science behind it. While RVs might not be as good on MBs vs BMWs, great deals are possible.

Anyway, here is my unicorn deal back in 2018 and here is my “i need a car today” deal from a few weeks ago. My latest deal left money on the table with a high dealer fee and marked up MF (and we have a high tax rate as well so reference only the base payment) which shows there is room to get it at mid $400s without fleet or any loyalty / college grad.

Both are great cars. I’m just partial to the E class :slight_smile:. I always thought the newest 5 series (and the last generation) has gotten a bit generic.

Good luck!

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Sorry to disappoint, but no dealer in their mind will do 15% off NEW 530e :slight_smile:

I got a 2019 E300W 1 month ago.

$1,400 down

$665 Monthly

$63,805 sticker price
$53,500 sales price

Looks like horrible