2019 Infinity QX60 end of lease options?

So, just want to double-check my thinking with the wisdom of the community.

Got a QX60 lease that I need to get rid of. The lease ended on March 16th but was extended for 3 months till June 16th via a call to IFS. The next payment is on April 14th.

Unexpectedly at end of March, I l lucked out and got two Leafs (S @ 125pm and SL Plus @ 259) so I don’t need QX60 anymore.

Did a lease-end inspection yesterday and got $1k worth of Damage but at least I have Wear and Tear protection albeit at some 3rd party company with coverage up to $5k and limits $1k per item. Theoretically should be covered for that but the process seemed to be more cumbersome than when I returned VW with W&T protection provided by VW itself and no claims needed to be filed. So that’s on Wear and Tear.

Now I also have miles overage being 39,500 current odo while allowing only 33,334 (10k @ 40 mos) so the expected penalty is around $1,500. That was expected as we had only 1 car for 2 years plus took QX60 on road trips as the mileage penalty was less than renting a car for the vacation time period.

In addition, there are $2,800 in MSDs sitting there.
My lease end buy-out per contact is $28,350

I ran quotes for all car buying services just to see where value lands. The top was from Driveway at $31,500 with second place tied between Autonation and Carmax at $27,500. All 3 of course can’t buy IFS leases. That is a known fact.
The rest fell between $26,000 and $27,000.
I suspect the rest can’t buy IFS leases anyways given IFS policies.

So the way things are, I think my only option is to ground the car before the next payment and see if there is any $ that would be returned from MSDs after mileage penalty and Wear and Tear.

Am I correct in think thinking or have I missed something?

I recently did a buyout to Nissan dealer for as-is condition (I had about $2K-$4K repairs) with $1K equity check that I picked up this week. Autonation (sorry not auto trader) is the only 3rd party thats allowed to buyout Infinity leases, did you check quote from there?

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Oh, i had no idea that Auto Nation was allowed to do Infiniti lease end buys. Any idea why only they are allowed? First time i’m hearing of this.

because they have a Nissan Dealership and they can process the buyout using it.

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Ah makes sense. Do you know if they do this for bmws as well? I got an infiniti and a bmw i wanna take advantage of.

Yes, this works for all brands except for Volvo.

Make sure they have the brand nearby. Not sure if it works across states.

The funny part I did try Autonation and got contacted from their Land Rover dealership on Tarrytown, NY after submitting online offer and they said they can’t buy out IFS leases.

same just happened to me

Oh your tag doesn’t say NY, go to South Shore and see if they have a car you want. Autonation in NY is limited to BMW and JLR

Same thing happened to my friend’s QX60 with AutoNation.

Honda contacted them to arrange an appointment, and when explained it was a lease they said they couldn’t do it. Then the next day, they reached out and said they could but my friend got a better offer from Nissan.

FYI: The offer was $35k in SoCal at the end of February.

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Yeah, that’s what I’ll be doing - working the phone🤣

Autonation can buy out your Infiniti

You could try to negotiate with Autonation and have them payoff at least your residual, saving you the $1,500 mileage overage and possible damage assessments.

Throw it into Carvana and see what you get - at least as a datapoint to negotiate with Autonation and local Infiniti/Nissan dealers. My 2019 QX60 Pure with 50K miles went up 2K this week for no apparent reason

The person at the autonation dealer youre working with has to coordinate it someone at the sister autonation dealer. Some dont want to bother, so they just say they cant do it.

Hm… I guess I can try to find Autonation Infinty or Nissan location near by and forward them this offer. Worth a shot.

If the Autonation N/I is in a different state, doesn’t that complicate things?

My friend contacted his dealer in philly area and was told he got $7K equity, not sure how legit that was.

I luv the part where they forgot to put the Model he had between the [your] and the [!]

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So to close this chapter. In short, the car has been sold to Autonation.

After my initial conversation with Autonation’s Land Rover dealership in Mt. Kisco where the sales manager refused to buy out my Infinity since it was leased I thought that door is closed.

I’ve tried to contact a few Nissan and Infinity dealerships around CT and Westchester county. 80% of the time used car sales managers didn’t even want to talk and never returned a voice message.

I spoke to one over the phone who was at $27k prior to inspection. Then I brought the car to Greenwich Infinity where I bought it to begin with and they were $25k to start and wanted to ding me another $2k for the rear door panel scratch. So that was a no go and I was getting closer to grounding it to be done. But still, the thought of dealing with Wear and Tear insurance, mileage penalty, and dispo fee stopped me from doing so for another day. That turned out to be a good decision.

In me meantime, my original offer from Autonation at $27,5k expired but I received a new offer of $500 more to buy the car at $28k while by contractual lease end was at $28,342 before 9 MSDs I’ve put up.
So I was like, well, let me try another Autonation dealership in the area. Maybe it was just the wrong guy at Mt. Kisco. That turned out to be true.

Autonation’s Jag and Land Rover in White Plains were awesome to deal with. They took the car, and did all the paperwork. Of course, they dinged the offer for the rear door but only $1k. So we settled at $27k which would be a lot less than I would have had to pay if I were to ground the car. They were able to get the payoff which ended up being $25,543 (Orig buyout minus MSDs) and they cut me a check for the difference. Now I don’t even need to wait for MSDs to come back.

The car is gone and off my insurance before the next payment on April 14th! Yay!


Ok… time for confusion…

Just received a check from Nissan in the amount of $2,800 which is close to 9 MSDs I originally paid. WTF?

Should I deposit it or not?

I totally didn’t expect and have no idea why they cut me this check…

Anyone has an idea where to start?

Take it and run