2019 QX60 lease end options

Hi hackrs,

Thanks to this group I leased a 2019 QX60 Luxe ($60k msrp) for total of $425 including tax and the lease is ending this month. It has 28k miles on it. I am based in bay area. I extended it by 3 months by calling the CS, but they told me the new payments won’t effect residual, so not interested to continue to pay monthly fees

My purchase price is 33k + CA taxes + dealer fees ~$600. Which will come to $36k, there might be a finance special I can make use of at 0.9%

I talked to 2 other Nissan dealers, one offered me to walk away with $1k equity. No need to buy it myself first, and wait till transfer titles etc. Other Nissan dealer said I must buy first, wait for a month to get titles in hand then they will be willing to buy it.

The car needs new tires and fix the cracked passenger side window glass. I don’t need a 7 seater right now and I am also interested in buying a hybrid SUV instead.

Experts suggest if I should take the $1k offer and just walk away or buy it myself first and then try to put it on market ?

Thanks in advance!

Take it and run before they change their mind and you get attached to a sinking anchor.


Unless the third party buyout quotes are significantly higher, I’d take the $1k and move on.

3rd party buyouts were in range of $34k to $36k. But since infinity doesn’t allow 3rd party lease buyout, I would have to purchase it first

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Yeah I would trade that time bomb for a check and call it a day.


Take the check and run. Preferably far away.


$1k in hand is better than $?k in a 3rd party sale and all the hassle.

My QX60, which I bought out last week dropped $3,700 from when I got a quote from Carmax in November. Carvana and Vroom each offered $10k less than Carmax.

I’m still a few grand above water with my current Carmax offer.

FWIW, got an OK offer from Autonation on our leased QX50 over the weekend so took it, as was competitive with offers from other third parties. Since they have Nissan as part of their dealership network, was possible to have them do a ‘buyout.’ They wanted to deduct $700 for 2 worn tires from their estimate but they allowed us to put replacement tires on at the local tire shop to get the full quoted amount. Took about 1.5 hours though for them to do their transfer paperwork etc with IFS so a bit of waiting around for them to process.

thanks! did you get any equity out of it?

which state? do you get sales tax you paid on the car back after you sell it?

Illinois. Limit was $10k in 2021, but now there is no cap on the tax reduction with a trade-in.

Yes, roughly $3K - and this was in California too if that helps.

Thanks everyone, I dropped off the car and signed transfer docs. Dealer said they will only give $1k check after title is transferred? Is that normal process?

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It is for dealerships that like to stay in business.

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