2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD - $47045 MSRP $315/mth with VPP 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1400 MSD. VPP required. - NJ/CT



Folks - I have an offer from a dealer at $317 per month with only down as a $700 fee plus 1st month. This is a Pure with 12k miles per year 39 months lease. However, dealer is not agreeing to let me put down MSDs. How do I convince them? Can I directly deal with Infiniti to put down the MSDs and reduce the payment?


Playing the monthly payment game is only advantageous to the dealer as they can mask many unwanted fees and items in it without you ever knowing about it.

All you need to do is ask for sales price before incentives. If it’s 16% or more off from MSRP than you are all set. Rest of all numbers will fall in place.

Also in the original quote they gave, there was MSD so why would they not let you do it now.

BTW the month ended last night so I am not sure even if the quote they gave you holds.


@HN308 Kind agree if only focusing on monthly payment not talking about lease terms and due at sign. One has to make it clear this is monthly payment with this much due at sign. Learned a lot here.
Btw, if I get a monthly payment (everything lumped in) I want (based on the calculator here) with only msd due at sign, say for 12k 39 month, I do not need to worry about the fees and selling price, is that right? Dealer should adjust selling price if they charge additional fees.


A big thanks to @HN308 for the fantastic guidance. Got this deal in Virginia:
2019 QX60 Pure AWD, $47295 MSRP, 15k miles/yr, 39 month lease, $298 monthly payment, nothing down except first month payment (prior to MSD amount) and $3200 in refundable MSDs. It was a very hard negotiation but the last day of the rebates yesterday helped.


did the rebates/incentives change as of today?


conquest ends on Jan 02 19


nothing else changed? should I expect similar deal to November numbers?


@Coolgc cong. That’s awesome.


298 Including tax? That’s awesome deal for 15k


Yes, including taxes.

Question for all: What kind of paperwork are people getting for the MSDs? In my papers, it’s only mentioned in the main lease contract. Dealer said there’s no other receipt for it.


It would only be mentioned in the contract. No special papers.



Congrats on your car. You need to give more details like the fact that you have to pay tax on whole car value in VA and even after rolling it in you have a good payment.

Getting 18% off MSRP before incentives was a great start and than the deal just fell in place for you.


Absolutely. Thanks for calling that out.
18% discount on MSRP; then added $3k rebates and rolled in full VA taxes, the acquisition fee and the processing fee into the payments. They weren’t willing to apply MSDs initially but eventually agreed, which brought the payment down further. I think it was their last base Pure left and their last sale on 11/30 before they’d miss on the ending rebates. Month end pressure helped.


Can you PM me dealer info, I’m in DE but willing to make the drive.


Can you please pm dealer info . I am looking for qx60 pure


I am interested in getting this. Please PM me dealer info.


Also interested, please send info…willing to go tomorrow / saturday


The QX60 Pure are not in stock and I am not sure when the dealer will have it back.

I am closing the thread for now till the inventory is back in stock.

2019 QX60 Essential with 52K MSRP are in stock and their link is in below post.

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QX60 Inventory is back in stock and the deal with updated January numbers is posted in the 1st post.