2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD - $47045 MSRP $315/mth with VPP 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1400 MSD. VPP required. - NJ/CT



Hello HN308,

Im interested in the Luxe model. Could you please PM me the dealer information? Thanks a lot!


I’m also interested in dealer info – thank you!


In Infiniti website they are showing current offer valid until 01/02/2019. Do you think December numbers change apart from residual value?


The the numbers that change every month are the residual and MF.

The site is probably referring to incentives like VPP and conquest being good till 01/02/19


How much of a difference are we looking at monthly on the Luxe as the MSRP is approximately $2000 more, correct me if I am wrong.



It’s not just price difference in MSRP but the residual for Luxe is 3 percent less than pure. Also depending on where you are located and if you can use MSD the numbers will change. I will PM you dealer contact and you can take it from there.


I spoke to your dealer and he gave me a price of 400 a month!



That $400 a month quote will only make sense when you give other relevant info as well like the MSRP, how many MSD you are putting down, which incentives you have like VPP/conquest and whether you are rolling bank fees and taxes into cap cost.


“39mo 10k miles per year $396 per month w/ 1st mo, reg, taxes, bank fee due at signing. Let me know if this works for you. Vehicle must be pick up by Friday.” This is what he said. im going to ask him about MSDs and conquest to be added.


How much is MSRP?


prolly around 47k. He also wants this “Total due at signing should be $2895.74 w/ the cost of new plates” DEFINATELY NOT WORTH IT.


MSD is not allowed in new York. I don’t qualify for VPP. I do however qualify for conquest but its still not a good deal.


Since there is no pure left and you were asked to take it before Friday, I think you got a quote on luxe, which has 3% less residual and base starts @~48k for awd. Miss vpp is another 1500. No msd also hurts. You will pay ~ 100 more/ month compared to those who got pure and qualified for vpp, msd and conquest not considering the actual MSRP could be higher.



The fact that you don’t know the MSRP of the car explains that you need to do a bit more homework before you can analyze deals.

The dealer has sold out of Pure for days and I have it posted in OP and in the replies as well. The cheapest luxe they have is 51k plus MSRP.

You got a quote for Luxe which had 3 percentage less residual and you don’t have VPP so i agree that it’s not worth it for you.


Just got the Luxe (they were out of the Pure) at this dealership last night. They are great. I was in and out so quickly. I got MSD and conquest but no VPP. Compared to other cars in the same price range and lower, I feel that I got a great deal.


Hello punkajk,

Im interested in the Luxe model. Could you please PM me the dealer information and what was current offer ? Thanks a lot!


I’m in NJ, and interested in a Luxe. Can you send me dealer info?


What is wrong with this deal? Why is this dealer not getting me a lower number?
Thanks for your help!


Starting with aftermarket of $1023. That charge is not residualized and accounts for $23.23 of your monthly payment.



The fact that the dealer still has a Pure left in stock clearly shows he is waiting for some sucker who has no clue how a lease is calculated to come through the door and take it.

You ask what is wrong with the deal, pretty much everything from the 1K aftermarket, 500 odd doc fees, 1300 odd down payment to bring cap down, zero rebates (Don’t you at least qualify for Conquest if not VPP and conquest)

Bottom line is that you have this lease worksheet screenshot, means you visited the dealer in person to negotiate the deal. That is a total waste of time. Next time do your homework here and ask for the selling price before incentives on the car you want and don’t pay any additional/ancillary fees and you will come close to the numbers I have on my OP. Do all your dealing over phone/email and only go to dealer to pick up the car.