2019 Infiniti QX60 Essential AWD. MSRP $52080 39/10K $313/mth with VPP & Conquest. 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1050 MSD. - NJ/CT



I currently have a q50 premium awd 2015 under lease until July 2019, is it possible to get me out of it without penalties and get me into this deal ? Pm me plz


Is any similar deal available in NY NJ area.
please let me know asap and give me your contact no. i need to lease asap


Our current lease of QX60 ends on March, 2019. Can you PM the dealer info? Thanks,


Interested, please PM me the dealer info.

Thank you!!


Hey how are you I live in jersey I am still haggling with my dealership circle Infiniti for the qx60 luxe with $1000 down 12k miles and they take my last 3 payment (waiving 2 adding 3rd to new lease) with them putting all other fees doc, title, registration, tax into the payment they are saying $415 a month what do you think about that deal


Can you please send dealer details I am In Long Island. Thank you!


All dealer contact requests replied over PM.


i gave up with circle, they wouldnt come close to above numbers, message me for another possibility


Hi - would you please be able to PM me the dealer info? I live in NJ and have conquest and VPP. thank you!


stop wasting your time and just go get this deal…NJ dealers suck


Luxe with what packages? AWD? Essential? Etc…


I agree, they don’t bother trying to match anyone’s numbers. They know some tool will buy it at their price.




All dealer requests PM have been replied with dealer contact info.



Can you pass on the dealer info please??



I tried contacting the dealer with the details given, but dealer never responded so far.


Same experience here. :frowning:


Hi, please send me dealer details for this lease.



I am sorry about delay in response. This time of the year being holiday season, my contacts and the GM at dealer were out for last few days and will only be back by this weekend. Once the GM is back he will be in contact.


Hi, I am in NJ and looking for a QX60 Luxe. Could you send me the dealer details. Thanks.