2019 Infiniti QX60 Essential AWD. MSRP $52080 39/10K $313/mth with VPP & Conquest. 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1050 MSD. - NJ/CT



Hi HN308

I am in VA (22182), Can this deal be replicated for VA? I have VPP and $1500 winter bonus.

Is there any conquest bonus?

Could you please send me your dealer info?

If I understand correctly VPP is different for diff VIN so it changes with car.



Can you please PM me the dealers information. Thanks


Finalized a deal for a friend last night at your dealer…3rd one in the last 2 months. I was laughed off the phone at both Bergen dealers when I asked for the discount your dealer was giving. Ramsey didn’t even give me a real number…said I would be in the $500s with 0 drive off.

The sales manager is so responsive and easy to work with, I don’t know how you found him! He has to know that we can’t get close to his numbers in NJ, but he still gives amazing deals no games


The GM treats us LeaseHackrs differently. He is a nice guy but still has to sell cars at more profit to keep the doors open.

He knows that my referrals are very price sensitive and all the sales he gets from us are incremental to his regular walk in sales so he takes care of us provided he has good inventory.

He told me to stop sending people for QX50 as the inventory is tight and he wants to move remaining cars at good profit.



VPP is not tied to a specific VIN but is a fixed value which varies by models. Eg QX60 gets $1500 and QX50 gets $1000 which also changes from time to time but this is the value now.

The $1500 winter bonus is the conquest for which you need a certain brand of car registered in your household and you don’t have to trade it in.

The dealer details are sent over PM but be prepared to come in person to pick up the vehicle and expect to get 1K more in selling price as our market has extra 1K incentive which is missing out of NY metro area.



HN308. thanks for the information. However I am seeing quite a different discount!

2019 QX60 LUX
MSRP: 54,615.00
VPP Price: 51,349.00
Savings: 3,266.00

I am new to VPP but it appears maybe my company has different VPP pricing structure?


Hey, could you PM the dealer? I am in Northern NJ.


Hi - metro NYC area (NJ) interested in this deal. Can you please PM contact info? Thanks!



Click on the calculator in the 1st post. Looks like you got that VPP price from the VPP site which is for lay people who cannot negotiate a deal.

I have negotiated 14% before VPP and conquest which is what my dealer will honor once you reach him.


Then why did you even bother to contact other dealers for your friends?


Thanks! Can you please PM me dealership info? Currently wife has a '15 Qx60 in NJ lease expiring Dec 31st so any help will be appreciated. Right now we pay $516 a month with NJ tax added for 39mo/ 12k miles on a $52k QX60.


They didn’t want to drive more than 5 minutes to save thousands, so I was trying to be nice and entertain the idea…never again


Hi, would you be able to PM me the dealer and sales person for this deal? thanks.


Hi can I have the dealer info?



I am interested in this deal. I am based in PA and hoping we can work out a deal.




I live in Northern NJ. Currently leasing a 2015 qx60 and it ends in April 2019. Interested in a 2019 luxe awd with essential and proassist packages. Please PM dealer information. Appreciate all the help. May not qualified for VPP and conquest. Maybe Loyalty.


Would this be available in GA? I’m active duty military.

Also would this be similar for the QX50 as well?


Hi would be able to provide the dealership and salesperson whenever you get a chance. Thanks!


Interested if you can pm dealer info thanks!


what will the numbers look like for Maryland resident?