2019 Infiniti QX60 Essential AWD. MSRP $52080 39/10K $313/mth with VPP & Conquest. 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1050 MSD. - NJ/CT



The GM is back and all the quotes requested by members should have been sent. In case you still didn’t get the quote after sending the email, copy that email to me over PM.

Dec numbers valid till next Wed.


I did not get a quote so far. I got an email saying that I would receive a quote and never received a quote so far.


No one ever responded to me.


@cskalyan @EW927

I have sent PMs over to you asking for some info. As soon as you respond with those I will have the GM run quotes for you and send it over.


I replied to you.


Hi HN308, please send me over the details if you can. I am in NC, however, willing to travel to sign/pickup the vehicle



It’s too late for you as the dealer is closed tomorrow and the programs end on 2nd Jan. I am sending you the details but would suggest to reach them by 2nd week of Jan.


I think because of the holidays, I could not get the replies as expected even though HN308 helped and numbers I got were way higher than expected from this thread. May be we need to wait for Jan Numbers to show up.


I am looking for a QX50 or QX60 lease. Can you please PM me the dealer information? I am in Missouri


Hi! Can you please pm me dealer and contact info for the qx60. Thanks


Hi! Can you please pm me dealer and contact info for the qx60.
And can you calculate for me as NY residence with 8.375% tax


Anything available in seattle/Tacoma area?


Hello - can you please PM the dealer info to me?

Thank you


Hello. Can you please PM the dealer info to me?

Thank you.



Can you please PM dealer info please.



Hello…I’m in Southern California…I have a 2015 qx60 with he lease up in April 2019…I want to turn it in before this month ends.

Can you PM me the deal… thanks!


The thread has been updated with Jan numbers which unfortunately are not great.

However there is an bug which is not letting me or mods update the the Original thread title which still shows numbers from Dec.

The 1st post has the correct numbers which needs to be considered.