2019 Infiniti QX50 Essential AWD 39/10K. 294/mth with Bank, Tax, DMV and 1st mth DAS. VPP, Conquest required. NY/NJ/CT -OOS



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I have Pm’d you dealer information.

I don’t have the exact numbers for December yet but I am sharing the details of the dealer with you who will quote you directly. Please understand that the inventory is low compared to last month so the chances of getting a smoking deal at this moment is not very bright but you can ask for a quote from in stock inventory.


Please pm me the dealer information. Thanks


Please message me the dealer info please


I have a 2015 QX60 that is up in April and looking to get into my 4th Infiniti hopefully the 2019QX50. The conquest doesn’t apply to me but i do have VPP. Would i qualify for this deal or something close to it? I am in N.C. but will be in N.Y. for Christmas so can come in person to sign docs, trade in truck and drive away with a new QX50. Let me know if this is possible.


The dealer has totally run out of QX50 inventory completely and no further deliveries are expected in December.

Unless something changes this deal is done for now.

The dealer has Q50 and QX60 luxe in stock. I am updating the numbers for those in their respective threads.


WOW. When i got my QX50 there were only about 12 left. and only 5 were in the 48-49k range. They must’ve hit their target!


Which threats are those for QX60? Getting lost in all this traffic.
How can I get updated numbers for 2019 QX60?
Thank you.



The new QX60 Essential thread is below. I have locked the old QX60 pure thread and am locking this one till the inventory comes back so there is no confusion.