2019 Infiniti QX50 Essential AWD 39/10K. 294/mth with Bank, Tax, DMV and 1st mth DAS. VPP, Conquest required. NY/NJ/CT -OOS



THANKS for your info on this deal, as well as many questions you answered over last 2 months.
Yes i was waiting patiently that long for the right numbers.

It worked out for me, didn’t have VPP but they honored conquest and i got the same numbers which they sent me over the email.
Signing & pickup was better than other dealerships, Finance guy didnt try to sell new stuff. Happy with new lease.


Which Infiniti dealer did you use? Salesperson?
Can you post your QX50 lease numbers?
Thanks in advance Doug


@GS-K Enjoy your new ride. You were indeed very patient and it paid off in the end.

@Doug1130 I have PM’d you dealer contact info. All you need to do is pick a car from stock and reach out to the dealer to finalize your numbers.


Hi Can I get dealer info for your QX50 lease?



Hi, can you share dealer please. Im in NJ. Thank You


Hi, can you share dealer please. Im in NJ. Thank You


can you please pm me I am interested and looking to else in next couple days thank you


lease** sorry


I want to give a huge shout out to @HN308 for sharing the deal. As he mentioned in the previous post, the $48-49k stocks were all sold out for the month so I took the plunge for the higher MSRP. I am glad I did because of all the deep discounts, incentives, and low MF. The December numbers might even be better but with uncertainty of inventory level. @HN308 sent me the dealer direct contacts and all I needed was just emails and texting from there. Not even a single phone conversation needed virtually painless. Took the delivery of my QX50 yesterday. In and out of dealership in 45 minutes. The discount is not as spectacular as the $48-49k ones but I ended up a much feature-rich car.

Here are the figures:
MSRP: $55.6k (essential awd with sensory pkg and a couple other options/pkg)
Selling price: $45.6k (including $1500 VPP)
Conquest: $1000

I opted for 39/12k so the residual 55%
DAS: $1610 (bank fee, 1st month, DMVs)
Monthly: $396 (tax rolled in, including 8.625% NYS tax)
Leasehackr score: 12.5

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Hey I have a 2012 gm vechile does it qualify for conquest


@jkl1 - Hope you enjoy that car. I have a feeling the numbers in Dec won’t matter as the inventory is getting tight.

@chrisp1092 - Chevrolet is part of conquest but the month has closed and I don’t know what numbers and any conquest will be there in December.

As soon as I have numbers for December I will update the 1st post provided my dealer wants to run a LH special just like November. This was the 1st month I brought QX50 deal for the community as it didn’t meet the LH deal criteria before that.


Congrats jkl1!! Beautiful vehicle, great deal!!

Enjoy your ride.


@HN308, thanks for sharing this deal on the LH forum. It has been hugely helpful and i was able to secure the vehicle and took delivery of it on Nov 30th. The process was seamless and it all happened within two days!

Here are the figures:
MSRP: 48,830 (Essential AWD w/ ProAssist package, Premium Heat package and a couple of other smaller options ordered by the dealer)
Selling price: 38,985 (incld 1,500 VPP)
Conquest: 1,000

39m/10k with a residual of 56%
DAS: 2,500 (1st month, registration, bank fees and taxes)
Monthly: 297



Thanks for dropping by and sharing your deal info with the community.

Enjoy your car and put some pictures in the Trophy Garage when you get a chance.



How do December numbers look?


Who would I contact for this deal?


How do I get this deal?


Can someone please answer? Where can we find this deal…


Oh interesting question – this is a mystery you will have to solve on your own – or you could ask SIRI –


hi. this looks like a good deal. Are you a broker, and if so, what is your fee, or do you get paid through the dealer?