2019 Hyundai Ioniq EV - Effective $59 a month

Before the NY deals started popping up I noticed the high incentive added in OR and thought it would be potentially hacker worthy, I’m pretty happy with how this ended up…

2019 Hyundai Ioniq EV Base
MSRP: $ 31235
Sale Price: $28,916
Monthly Payment: $59
Drive-Off Amount: Paid 3k down considering I was getting it back via post sale rebate checks
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00051
Residual: 44%

  • 12K from Hyundai,
  • $2500 post sale rebate from state of OR,
  • $500 post sale rebate from BonusDrive,
  • $50 Visa Gift Card for test driving the car (I got the visa card instantly via e-mail)
    Region: PNW
    Leasehackr Score: 50 years
    Leasehackr Calculator Link

Any rebate from your utility company?

This is awesome. Well done!

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Yeah, I’d drive an ioniq at that price.

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Don’t open a separate thread. There is already an IOniq EV party going on. Please merge this thread

No, this thread is appropriate. It’s a signed deal and he chose to share it with pertinent information. This deal is also OR.

That other thread seems like more of a discussion and I haven’t seen people posting their deals. Just a lot of speculation and what ifs. If you have your own ioniq deal feel free to open your own thread under this section.


I think aggregating all the discussions/ deals in one thread is most appropriate IMHO. Regardless, even in one thread, people will still not read ALL posts…

But thanks to OP for posting a real deal …

This is an awesome deal! Renting a bike to get to P&R would probably cost you more.


Did you knew someone at the dealer? I find it amazing they gave you a msrp discount on this deal.

@Mark.ca on CarGurus it looks like multiple dealers have a ~$3,000 dealer discount.

That residual is uhm ‘optimistic’ by Hyundai but whatever, great deal OP! commuter cars don’t get much cheaper than this.

There are no rebates from the utility companies in my region

I didn’t know anyone at the dealer - I messaged into their internet sales dept because they were advertising a healthy discount on their website (they hadn’t adjusted their sale price for the new incentive that just hit, in fact I told them about the new incentives). The internet sale manager honored the original sales price from last month (plus about $400)

I went into the dealership and they tried to hit me with a $399 etch scam fee, and 2020 reg costs which are $500 higher vs 2019 (it was a front office choice to file 2020 while still in 2019). I refused to pay for both which they agreed to and drew up the lease sheet.

I went in to sign and the manager said the GM overruled them and refused to sell the car at a discount given the high incentive. So I walked out on them and called the next Hyundai dealer in the area, said if they could match the lease sheet I would sign same day.

Called back 15 mins later said they would do it. The rest was just coming in to finalize the paperwork.


Awesome deal OP… Congrats.

Wish something like this was available in the Boston/MA region (even though I don’t need a commuter right now)

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Nice deal! Does the Ionic have true 1 pedal driving and level 3 charging?

Where’s the ioniq EV party? I can’t find it

The Ioniq party thread has more and more sample deals and hackers helping other hackers. That thread is your all in one reference for deals, calculations, FAQs and extreme bloviating/opinions from people like myself…

That thread is getting too long, it is good to have signed deals separate for easier reference.

I thought any tax rebates (State or Fed) go to the Dealer when you lease. Maybe Oregon is different?