2019 Honda Passport EX-L - Good deal?

Hi - just started looking; appreciated any comments! Thanks guys.

Resist the Resistall.

And the mud guards

And the wheel locks.

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Block out your personal info, seems very high.

What the f is resistall?

Oh it’s bs paint protection, I’d get more quotes, this dealer is suspect

I leased one of these a month or two ago. Paying $340 a month plus tax with only drive offs on a 36/12. Went through several dealers getting quotes, etc.

$4000 discount is not too bad. I ended up at $5200ish, but most dealers were in the mid 3s.

The add ons are killing your price too.

Definitely get rid of the add-ons.

The discount of $4,011 probably includes some incentives…post here to find out the MF, Residual, and Incentives in your zip code.

Looks like the incentive may be $1,750. If that’s the case in your zip code, the dealer discount is of $2,261 is only 6%…which is horrible. Contact lots of dealerships…I like using TrueCar with lots of different zip codes.

Also, ask the what MF they’re using and push them for the base rate if they’re marking it up.

Here is a cargurus price analysis for a Passport with the same MSRP.


What were your drive-offs?

MF they quoted is .00215, residual is 66%

Right around $900

In order to know where you’re landing, you really need the MF, residual, and incentives nailed down. Then you can start using the calculator to know where a given sale price will land you.

Are you looking at Passport MF/RV or Pilot MF/RV? The numbers you’re quoting sound more like pilot numbers.

According to Edmunds, it looks like EX-L FWD MF is indeed .00215 and RV 66%.

Looks correct to me too. Some regions seem to have $750 incentives, but most do not.

Good catch!!! Yes…I did make that mistake. I also linked to the Pilot forum on Edmunds. I fixed that. MF looks correct. Sorry for the confusion.

No worries. The passport is just a pilot with some lipo in the butt anyway. Ha!


Hello All - New here - Want opinion on price/quote
2019 - EX-L - AWD here in Wisconsin

MSRP - $39,405
Discount - $5,771.04 (included $1000 Conquest)
Sale Price - $33,633.69

$500 Down(all fees, taxes rolled in etc) - driving out the door.
$387 + tax per month

Lease Quote

To me is sounds like a good deal from what I’ve researched
Will be picking up in 2 days if I can convince myself to add another new car payment.


You’ll want to verify that $1000 conquest is the only incentive being rolled into that discount. What is the mf/rv on the deal? Is this through HFS or a third party bank?

Money factor is .00225 and residual is 64%. That is a Honda lease which includes gap insurance.

Have you verified that conquest is the only incentive available?

I’m certain its only one avail that applies to me.

Are you saying they are applying other incentives I’m not aware of??

Maybe, maybe not. I do not know, however, it is not at all uncommon for a dealer to present a sales price inclusive of incentives and not clarify how much of the discount comes from dealer discount vs incentives. This is why you’ll see most threads on here analyzing deals clearly differentiating the pre-incentive discount, as this is really the value you’re negotiating with a dealer. That may not be going on here, but it’s always worth verifying incentives independently to be sure.

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