2019 Honda Passport EX-L - Good deal?

I’m certain only incentive is the conquest $1000

I haggled sales guy for a while to jingle it down a bit but they have a point where they just don’t respond when you try to keep going low. They want to move a car but not for no profit…

$500 down - to hold vehicle. And that will be the only thing I put down.

Thanks for the input

Do you have a breakdown of fees, any add ons, etc? $4771.04 is a solid discount (although a bizarre number) as long as they aren’t making some of it back up in the form of add ons, inflated fees, etc

There are no add-ons
They showing on the deal sheet…

Customer Cash - $500 (to hold)
Total rebates - $406.96 (told them I need to lower down payment - and to elimiante the 1st payment so I think they discounted it)

Doc - $220
DMV - $269
Cap Red Tx - $11.22
Totals the $500 I put down.

Looking at the same car in MD.
Best quote so far (out of 5) is this:
MSRP - $39,405
Discount - $7,228
Selling Price - $32,177

Discount includes dealer incentive of $750 (appears to be national) and dealer says also includes $1000 loyalty. But which I technically do not qualify for, even though I have a freaking Acura!

I would even say that uncommon would be they breaking it down so the customer could see how much they are really discounting, my personal experience always has been that they include incentives in the overall discount, and unless I let them know I’m aware of it they would not disclose it. Pretty shady to say the least.

Well crap - making me wonder if I’m leaving money on the table now.
Going in tomorrow - maybe I’ll see if we can squeeze some more deal out

Does the dealership set the MF?
Or is that set by Honda Financial per vehicle?


The bank sets the buy rate, the dealership generally can mark it up. I don’t know that Honda allows Mark ups though.

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Unfortunately, that was a bad quote. He had held out the freight charge!

Next best quote was $32,799 + taxes/fees.

For your reference, in October I leased a EX-L passport here in Jersey for $365 + tax a monthly. First month due at signing (no money down). 39 months /12k a year.

What dealership and who did you work with? Also located in WI.