2019 Honda Accord EX-L 1.5 $360 lease - good deal?

I was offered a 2019 Honda Accord EX-L 1.5T for $360/mo(tax included)

MSRP $31,040
Selling price $28,733
$550 DAS (first payment, tag)
Residual 55%
MF .00118

Is this a go?

Not horrible for a loaded accord, but not good. Consider that you could get a BMW 3 series for cheaper.

Ninja edit: you also are getting less than 10% off MSRP. Not incredible.

With nothing up front except first month and tag? On what planet

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Not sure what forum you’ve been looking at, but I’ve seen scores of 4 series gran coupes getting signed in the $200’s, no money down.


Yeah, well when you find an actual deal in front of you, then call me. Because I’ve tried multiple dealers and they’re no where near that price with nothing down.

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Why are you posting this here? This needs to be under the wanted section.

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Those deals aren’t easy, this forum is making it sound like anyone can go out and pick up a $50k BMW 4 series for the price of a Honda Civic LX. Easier said than done.


Pick up the phone, call a broker. Done. Easy.


How many dealers have you shopped?

I think it can be done a bit better.

Get sales price down to 28 flat or better and see what incentives if any you qualify for.

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Also I believe the incentives are $300 this month which is pretty much worthless, if you can hold out a month or two maybe the incentives will get better.

Honda’s lease horribly compared to other brands regardless the time of year and incentives. You can, for example, lease a $40k-ish Toyota Tacoma for 2 years for a lot less than you’ll pay for 3 years on that $31k Accord. If you’re set on Honda…

There may be a $750 loyalty incentive in your area. Requires current ownership of an '09 or newer Honda.

The incentives will probably improve noticeably on July 9th.

@Electric is probably in the right range for the selling price.

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You know your stuff…Unfortunately I don’t qualify for that extra $750 incentive. And why do you say they’ll improve on the 9th?

I myself was believing that I can get a bmw at around 300ish after seeing all the success people were having on here. I shopped several dealers in Orlando and all I got was ridiculous offers. I ended up finding a good deal on my 19 Sport 1.5t $0 down only 1st month das 36/15 w/pro pack $285 taxes included. Took me some work but I got to a number I was comfortable paying under $300. Good luck.

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Gave up too easy. You gotta be willing to travel for the right deal.

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Probably so, looked for almost 2 months and nothing here in FL 50 mile radius from where I’m at. I’ll try again in 2022 hopefully I snag one up.

Actually no you didn’t give up to easily, that’s a really nice deal for 15k/yr!


That’s great for an accord sport.

Let the guy get his Honda. Great car but horrible to lease. That’s why people buy them