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What’s the price for the one pay? Is it in the link? Can I have it?

Link for July?

It’s a beaut! Looks just like the one I have pending transfer! :sunny:

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Awesome, but 0 down, how? This is the deal that I’m looking for


It’s all in how you structure it.

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Looking for 2019 or 2018 Honda Accord, looking for blind spot and car play, looking to pay $200-250 monthly. NYC is my area but willing to travel

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link please

Link please.

Link please.
Thank you

Hi Dave,
Please PM link. Interested in a x4 and 4 series grand coupe.

@LakerLand please follow the rules of the thread (at the very top). Email is best but any other method is fine.

Apologies :pray:

Awesome deal. Could you share who you worked with? I’ve been struggling getting anywhere close to this in tx.

+1, please share the name of the dealer via PM. I’ve worked with several TX dealers and most of them have been awful.

Can you please PM me as well? Thanks!

Which Houston dealer?

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Crazy nice dael! could you please pm me the dealer info? Thanks in advance.

can u also please pm me the dealer info? thanksan, i am lookong for a lease too! i cant imaging, a 2019 rdx they neede to pay over 500 per month.

I am not sure what is so secret about posting numbers. Don’t need to post the dealer info but the numbers is what this site is about. Otherwise it is just a car pic site which there are plenty off.


Also 25% off is pretty standard, so how much discount did you get?

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