2019 GMC Acadia Lease numbers


I am interested in an Acadia, I have a Chevy Traverse that is coming due next month. Was reading on leasehacr that there was a good deal on Acadias MF .00079 however when i called a delaler he told me only on the FWD Not the all wheel Drive. Here is the deal they proposed

MSRP 41,160
Selling Price 39,660 (Before 5,500 in rebates rebates)
MF .00121
RV 55%
36M0 10K MILES

444/MO including taxes with $1,432 DAS

This appears not to be an aggressive deal but wan to get opinion on it 1 is the .00079 MF only on SLE 1 and 2 what is a reasonable selling price that i should be shooting for on this car.


Confirm MF on trims with Edmunds

10% before incentives is aggressive for GM. Looks like you’re around 4 at the moment.

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Every Acadia trim and drivetrain can have a different MF and RV. But I’m pretty sure they’re jacking your MF up.

The first step in GM lease hacking is to make a table of all the different trim/drivetrain combos along with their MSRP, RV and MF to understand which one leases “best”. @michael you may want to add that caveat to your article.

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Also my local dealer is advertising 24mo leases, so may want to check on those as well.

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Are those based on GMS being in MI though?

Correct. GMS is about 8%;


8% discount without a GMS code should be doable in regions other than MI.

There could also be specific CCR for having a GM code (employee, supplier, educator, whatever) this month. GM lease hacking is real complicated :poop:

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Yeah GM deals are complicated. My 2017 Acadia lease is up in a couple months and I am trying to figure out when the best time to get into a new Acadia is. I have pull ahead of 3 payments (which I currently have left) but the $3,250 lease incentive mentioned in Leasehackr front page post is apparently not available in my region (AZ is just terrible for leases… $500 customer cash only according to Edmund’s forum). I am thinking about hitting up the So Cal dealers and doing a one-way flight or driving my Acadia out there to swap out.

in NYC the MF .00121 on SLE-2 RV 57% and $3,250 incentives plus loyalty and then Supplier that should get me to about $6500 in incentives if i calculate properly. I have an 2017 traverse FWD that is coming due in late AUG 24mo/10k mi my payment is 88.00 DAS was 1,750. I am never going to get that kind of deal again I know. Hoping that GM comes out with some additional Bonus Tag for Aug or Sep. could even wait till oct as GM lets you extend up to 6 MO.

May be wishful thinking.

Check local dealers for incentives, Edmunds is rarely correct on GM incentives.

FYI GM incentives are based on your registration zip NOT dealer location

What is “Supplier” and how does it work for leases?

Supplier is invoice minus 1%, or something like that. The dealer should be discounting more than the supplier discount, but it should buy you a little more negotiating since they get a rebate from GM for using the supplier discount.

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Thanks! That’s kind of what I was hoping to hear, but I wish it was a more defined, stackable rebate like Nissan/Infiniti VPP. Is anyone able to put an actual value on the GM supplier discount?

With GM, incentive is tied to your address, so it doesn’t matter where you buy it from regarding incentives…you’ll still only get the 500 if that’s all your zip gets

@chrishs2000 already beat me to the punch

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There is a roundabout way of figuring it out. The amount of the discount can be VIN specific in some cases. If you go to the GM supplier website you have the option to build and price a car, and I believe search within a zip code for certain specs, colors etc. If you know the zip code of the dealer and the specs of the car you are interested in, it’s not too difficult to match the VIN and get the supplier price.

This is insane GMC Acadia Denali can be obtained $510/month…

This is just insane… too bad, I’m still locked with other leases.

Honestly that’s nothing, depending on the programs they can be had sometimes in the 400s with drive offs if you qualify for the right stuff. That’s not even including GM reward points, Buypower points, etc…

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I am looking at an Acadia and wanted to get an opinion on the following deal for a service loaner with 2,700 miles on it. . I have conquest or loyalty available to me as well as supplier discount. They are offering a 2,000 incentive for service loaner car.

12K miles with York City taxes 8.875

2019 GMC Acadia Denali MSRP 50,795
MF .00185
RV 54%
Bank Fee 695
Doc Fee 75

Monthly Payment 585
DAS $1,429 which includes first Month Payment

Can you give me your opinion on the deal, if its high what payment should I be working towards on this car.

I am looking at both a New and loaner. I was looking at an SLE2, and came across this loaner and wantting to see of i can make a really good deal on it.

You will lose the 2700 miles. Discount seems really bad for a demo (typical of GM). What is selling price??

According to dealer the demo discount is an additi al 2,000 not sure if this is a factual number or not. Does gm out a figure on a demo?