2019 GLC 350e $531 $0 DAS

2019 MB GLC 350e
MSRP: $58250
Sale price: $44363
24m/12k lease
RV: 62%
MF: .00114
8% sales tax
$2500 usaa fleet + $4460 federal discount + dealer discount $6927
doc fee $350
govt fee $90

Dealer quoting $531/month with $531 down but due to MB making first payment $0 DAS

If doing 10 MSD ($5500) , I’m getting a payment around $470.


Plenty of people have recently leased that model. Use the search function and you’ll find what people are paying for it.

with 10 msd ($5500), i’m getting a leasehackr score of 10.7.

i think i’ll ask for $500 more off.


I’m a USAA member and I have all the MB rebate info from them, can you explain what the federal discount is? Just curious.

MB is passing on some incentive money for it being "electric "

Is that sale price with all incentives included?

Hes got almost 27% with incentives. or this guy at 28%

federal tax credit $4460 for electric vehicles.

yea, sales price with all incentives.

$331 deal was a loaner vehicle.

$287 had $1900 DAS, only 10K miles and 10 msd. if you consider this the payment is in the $430 range.

my payment with 10 msd would be around $475, so i think my deal is pretty good, but i’m going to try for another $500-1000 off which would put me around $435-445.

what do you think?

I understand that, Im referring to just the amount of money off MSRP not so much the monthly payment. I would try to push for 2K off and settle for 500-1500 off if that’s what you want.

Also, look to see if Mercedes is doing any pop-up stores around you which can get you another 1K off.