2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid ($157/mo, $7,400 in lease cash)

Great work right there sam! so glad to see someone was able to score a deal!
Post some pictures in trophy garage,

and congrats to you too @osiq Solid work my man, i brought x plan pricing at the dealership, but apparently X- Plan pricing was more than the invoice


Pl let me know which dealer in Bayarea who can provide 147 dollars per month for 15k/36 months ?
Is there anyone who can help me . Thanks

No go for AZ.
Hybrid rebate is paltry $4,500 off.
Energi is like $9200 rebate, but the higher MRSP and much worse RV kills this, making monthly like $350.
The dealer quoted me RV for Energi 47% for 24m and scary 39% for 36m !/
Also looked on C-max numbers, not good.

Hey guys,

Galpin Ford is matching my deal and providing $500 fuel gas card. If anyone is in market, please reach out to galpin Ford ask for Spencer.

So initially it will be $0 down for you and $146/month. If you take advantage of it, just buy me dinner :yum:


When is the last day?

Tomorrow, the rebate expires by tomorrow

Looks like the money factor used for your deal was 0.00016 … Is this marked up?

Looks like it. Michael posted that the mf is .00006

Might have been @YeahItsMe 's way of thanking the dealer on saving on 7k of rebate taxes

Galpin Ford has only 1 in stock. Their online inventory shows 200.

Scored a second deal for a friend - 9% off MSRP + 7400 in lease cash. Slightly higher monthly due to not having new grad applied, but friend was thrilled nonetheless at a <1% deal.

Anyone else going for one of these and needs some tips? Let me know!

Can they make the deal happen for an out of state resident?

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Possibly? Not sure. But the 7400 expired yesterday so this isn’t a deal anymore.

are you positive that the 7400 didn’t stayed the same?

Looks like it’s $5750 now.

It’s 5750 now that sucks couldn’t finish a deal last month , looks like it’s only gonna sour further I guess

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I know you can negotiate great deals at any time, but this one was straightforward. I am glad I was looking at the time I did, but it was nothing more than luck.

And I did notice by yesterday evening, the auto commercials that were running 1 out of every 3-4 ads since around Thanksgiving, were gone (I did not see one after 5-6 PM last night and have not seen any today).

It seems most manufacturers were firm in their best deals (rebates/incentives/discounts - minus heavy negotiations) ending yesterday.

That’s very untrue. Timing pays a big part.


If I had written the opposite, brokers would have called me out on it.

Hard to tell, but could we expect this deal to come back? I missed out on the day the deal expired, already had negotiated the same deal as OP.

Still kicking myself about it.