2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid ($157/mo, $7,400 in lease cash)

Inspired by @BPitch’s post, I thought I’d look up the numbers on 2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid.

In California, there’s $7,400 in Ford RCL lease cash. The residual is awful (46% for 36/10.5K lease) but the APR is just 0.15% (equivalent to .00006 MF). Dealers are advertising a discount of $2,500, excluding rebates; I would target $3,500.

It’s an old car, but you get standard adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring for 2019. With the hybrid powertrain, you get compact car fuel economy in a midsized sedan. Quite possibly the cheapest car you can get right now.

These numbers are examples only; feel free to adjust based on selling price and MSRP.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid

MSRP: $28,450
Selling Price: $24,950
Monthly Payment: $157
Cash Due at Signing: $1,248
Incentives: $7,400

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,500
MF: .00006
Residual: 46%

Region: California
Leasehackr Score: 15.3 years


you know, I wonder if these awesome deals ever results in corporate scratching their heads wondering why Ford Fusion SE Hybrids are the hot ticket. What campaign did we run? Did some social media post go viral?

Will this work for the plug in too?

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awesome deal !

Checked in MI and $5250 lease cash is available here.

I was helping a friend with a Ford Escape, and the doc fee some of the ford dealers charge is ridiculous…$700-900. Apparently, there is an x-plan that you can easily qualify for if your corporate employer doesn’t offer it by signing up for the mustang club of america. That limits the doc fee to a max of $100! Discounted the a bit further and then dropped it on them…manager was not happy so I know it was a win hehe.

I don’t know what is in the drive-off for this fusion, but x-plan should help

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Is this where you’re finding the lease cash offers?


Bummer because I can’t see anything nearly as good in FL.

This is likely a no-go for anyone who has not already been a member of the Mustang Club of America,

provide a membership card that indicates a 60-day minimum membership.

via: https://www.fordpartner.com/partnerweb/jsp/howitworks/fordpartner_rules.htm > Sec 3

Local lease incentives show up when you configure a car on the Ford website calculator.


he just signed up the day before and gave the dealer the code and no issues.

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What do you think are the lease numbers for a 2019 Fusion Energi?

Oh nice. I was looking for a cheap lease and this beats the base Jetta @ $180 lol. Anybody knows a good dealer in SoCal? Or is there one active on the forums?


Check out BJ’s Wholesale Club- program for Ford is $ 750 discount/cash AND $ 250 BJs Gift Card
Also, check out the plug in ENERGI - Crazy rebates and discounts
I’m picking up my '19 Fusion ENERGI - TITANIUM w Moonroof
36 months, 10,500 miles
NY tax and Bank in the payment-- $ 286 - Just First and DMV- NY LI

Picking up Monday- probably last delivery of the year

Oh, i had Ford $ 1500 in RCL as well ( coming out of my 2016 Fusion )
but $ 286 ny tax included

Do you have a link to the x-plan?

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get $10 BJs online membership
gives you x- plan pricing AND $750 discount + $250 BJs gift card ( only online purchases)

What do you mean “if your employee doesn’t offer it”?

Sorry meant corporate employer

So we went in yesterday to a dealer in San Diego. They had an add for $159 + tax for 36 months. Tax, title, acquisition extra. This totaled $1,880. If we didn’t want to put it down they would roll it into our payments for $241 (tax included) per month. So already I knew they were trying to take advantage of us.

Here is where we left things yesterday and may go back today :

$210 out of pocket at signing
$210 monthly payments (including tax) for 36 months 10,500 miles per year.

  • I calculated tax being 8% so if you remove tax our payments would be $195 per month so about $36 more than the listed ad price. If I do $36 difference X 36 Months that would make the tax, title, acquisition difference of $1,296. So about $600 less over the lease than their original offer.

Can I get them down more on the tax, title , acquisition?

Don’t go down to the dealership. Email numerous Ford dealership nearby with the offer you want and see if anyone can do it. You are just wasting your sitting there.