2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid ($157/mo, $7,400 in lease cash)

Lease cash is still pretty decent right now at $5750 plus whatever the dealership is willing to come down on discount you won’t get the same exact super cheap payment but pretty close should be doable, nobody knows it will come back odds are it’s gonna get worse before it gets better but again just guessing nobody knows

I had a few family members who wanted this deal after Jan 2 even with the lease cash change, so I ran some numbers and talked to some dealers. The deal is not close to what I got, unfortunately. The lease cash may increase at some point in 2019, but at $5250 cash, unless you’re getting around 12% off MSRP pre-incentive, it’s a decent deal at best, imo.

…what’re the incentives for your zip currently? Mine are still high.

Autobytel has the “sales” incentives for SoCal listed as…

So how do I figure what the lease incentives are ?

Is it $5750 + $1500 + $250 ==> $7500 ??
Or just $5750 + 250 ==> $6000 ??
Or what ?

With Ford it’s way easier to go on their site, it’s listed on build & price

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I did that and it said the lease incentive was something like $2250. That’s way different than Autobytel and what others have posted.

You’re looking at Fusion, not Fusion Hybrid.

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$6250 for my area (SE MI)

PLUS additional $1250 if lease loyalty and these mysterious VIN specific discounts

You are so right. The calculator shows $5750 rebate on the hybrid.

That’s the first mistake I have ever made - ever.

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Which dealership is that?

Any bay area dealer having good deals on ford fusion hybrid ?


You have to call around and see how much dealers are discounting these. The lease cash has changed since Dec so the deals won’t be as good this month.

Thank you . Is there any federal / CA rebates on ford fusion hybrid vehicles ?

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There are 3 models of the Fusion - Fusion, Fusion Hybrid, and Fusion Energi. No rebates on any hybrid vehicles in CA. The only Fusion model that is rebate eligible is the Energi for which you can’t get numbers close to Hybrid numbers.

Can’t figure out how to post to the latest deals but I just signed on a 2019 Fusion Energi Titanium 39/10, $1100 down, $258/mo. I think it’s not a bad deal for a $38k msrp… but I’m pretty green compared to you all!

Don’t tell me you get the $5k CO rebate on top of that…

I thought so at first but after reading the fine print, I only get half ($2500) because it’s a lease. But that brings the lease payments down to $194 over the term.

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Terrible! Now go tell your neighbors how expensive these stupid evs are. /s
Congrats on the deal!

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care to share the dealer info?

Trey Smith at Groove Ford in the Denver metro. Not sure if they have any more Energi models or not… PM me if you’re interested in his contact info.