2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid ($157/mo, $7,400 in lease cash)

Did you try the above written by discountsales and howie, that being either the Mustang Club or BJs warehouse club? discount wrote that limits the doc fee to $100 max. Is “doc” fee the same as “acquisition” fee.
If so it would be good to know if San Diego dealer will honor either. Thus limiting that to $100 and yes lowering your payment.

In gonna attempt to work out a deal on one of these on the SEL trim , and I’ll report back , the car is old but it does have more features than most other cars at that price point and catergory , and with those rebates it should be a steal, I’ll aim for $4500 dollars off before rebates and see what I get, can somebody explain what the BJ CLUB thing is, someone said you get an extra discount for that?

incentive is $5000 in MD. unlucky for us.

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The hybrid doesn’t have the massive battery hump in the trunk right? That’s only the plug-in version?

It has the hump lol can confirm I’m at the dealership getting quotes right now

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How is that going? I contacted my three closest and one said they have only loaner hybrids and tried to move me into an F150 lol

other one was asking if i would want an RS focus that i test drove a year ago still and didnt take me seriously.

Third one i gave my info and they haven’t gotten back to me since yesterday morning. I told all of them if the price is close i would take two or three sight unseen but have gotten no numbers.

I am a bit surprised that the dealers are firm. I must have just gone in on the right day. It took no back and forth for me. I am just glad I remembered them telling me to come in on the 26th as I was passing the dealership. I had completely forgotten.

Still; it seems odd - unless they all hit their numbers for the month. Many people do tend to buy or lease vehicles as Christmas gifts.

Aright guys so an update went to test drive the car they didn’t have the color I want so I’m contacting all the dealers around me with the color I want so far one sent me a quote
Msrp 35380
Discount 2k
Selling price 33380
Rebate: 7400
36 month / 15k miles per year they wanted 1k down
361 a month I called bulshit because they added some vin etching car anti theft Witchery I have no interest in and they said the MF as .15 lol
So I guess I gotta do some hunting around here to get a good deal

Question should the money factor be 0.00006? I wanna make sure that’s across the board on the car regardless of milage allowance and trim

That MF is correct its 0.15 APR that converts into 0.00006, Ford goes by APR, if you tell them MF most salesman thinks you are speaking a foreign language lol its just strange

Gotcha so at least they weren’t playing me on that , I guess I just need to get a dealership that discounts the car a tad more and doesn’t add vin etching bs to make a leasecrackr worthy deal , thanks!

Yea aim for higher discount, if you aim for $5000 you might land at $3-4K discount, you know what they say (aim for the moon, and you will land among the stars)

Well seems no dealers in so cal are really playing ball on these , most I’m getting off is 2k which is basically “invoice” on the car , what gives are most Ford dealers like this ?

Does anybody know of a good ford dealership in so cal that’s willing to give good discounts I’m surprised by how bad the discounts given are in the dealerships around here

We ended up closing our deal at a dealership in San Diego. Did 75% of the transaction over the phone.

2019 Fusion Hybrid
36 months / 10,500 per year
$500 at signing which included first months payment.
35 payments left at $171.xx — including tax


What trim was the car? Se? SEL? Awesome deal by the way!!


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That’s a good discount , better than what I’ve been getting around here , I sent u a PM :slight_smile: might have to drive to sand Diego

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If anyone else is interested, there are a ton of ‘18 and ‘19 Fusion Hybrids in the Chicago region advertised for ~$6k off. I’m tempted to pick one of these up as a car for my business if I can replicate this deal.

Edit: i asked the sales manager if i could share his info, he said this deal was a $1200 loser so he doesnt want me to share his info :frowning: but take the screenshot, and spam some dealers dont ask them to match it, ask them to beat it for you.

Just closed this deal today in SoCal, i dont know what the hell he did, but we were going back and forth for an hour lol
But it came out decent, what do you guys think?

2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid
24 Month/ 10,500 Per Year
Cash Due at signing $500
23 Payment left of 146.69 + tax = $161.73


Thanks for sharing this first off!

So the Discount includes the 7400 + price off the MSRP, correct? Trying to work this out on the LH calc.

Edit: Tip #2 reach out to Johnny Han, at west covina ford, a straight shooter, he can come very close or who knows he might be able to beat this, if he is in a good mood haha. please do post if you are able to score it!

that is correct, the dealer applied 7000 of the rebate as the discount so ill save $700 due to the rebates are taxed. and then they used $400 of rebate as a down payment, but the cash due at signing was $500.

One tip, i have found dealers out of LA area are more aggressive on the discounts, and willing to make a sale, versus dealers in LA area

Ken Grody is offering $4100 before rebates, so if anyone is looking, i am pretty sure they can replicate better numbers than i did.