2019 Civic EX Sedan lease deal

**MSRP: $24320
**Selling Price: $20400 + 899 Doc fee + 595 Acquisition
**Adj. Cap Cost: 21894
(help me out-would by 1000 Honda loyalty take 1000 off the ACC or not?)
**Monthly Payment: $267 tax included
**Cash Due at Signing: $1st month/reg./govt fees (not sure of total yet)
MSD:(Edmunds said there’s an 1100 M to D incentive-but my dealer’s finance guy said no, and
showed me in the folder he uses.)
**Incentives:1000 Honda Loyalty
**Annual Mileage:12K

**Region: South Florida

I have looked all over the effin place online and can’t find people sharing their lease deals on the 2019 Civic EX Sedan. Have not closed this deal but think I could live with it. Have yet to hear from another dealer on their lease offer, but the finance guy at my dealership was not especially happy about this one. (I know) Their initial offer was 21800 agreed to price, 100 below TrueCar value and a 320/month lease with no down payment. Then I got a 20600 TrueCar offer from another dealer so they knew they’d have to play ball. What is sticking in my craw at the moment is that Leasehackr and other online calculators say I should be able to get this car for more like 230 a month…so PLEASE, share any offers you’ve received on this model. I’d appreciate any input from forum readers. Thanks.

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Thanks Orangeman96! Did your selling price include the 595 acquisition fee? I know your doc fees are way lower in CA. Just by eyeballing the difference in msrp from our models, 1450.00, it would add 40.27 a month to my proposed payment, so at 267, I think I’m in the ballpark but could maybe squeek out a little better deal. Very helpful!

That wasnt my deal was providing an example from forum.

Honda Lease Loyalty is gone for Civics…at least in my region. There is only $750 left for new CR-Vs if your current Honda lease matures on or before 5/31.

My dealer said March numbers are the same in April for our area anyway.

Why would you want to pay effectively $300+ a month on a civic? Because that’s what your deal looks like with the DAS listed. How many other quotes have you got?

The Honda Civic is one of the sexiest vehicles EVER


Don’t want to, which is the point of my post. I’m waiting on some numbers on another dealer…BUT. Dealer in Stuart has leasing deal of 315/mo with 2499 due at signing! Craziness. So I’m thinking my 267/mo including taxes is pretty good in this market. We really like the Civic and the EX especially this year with the 1.5 turbo with more power and saves on gas and has significant technology updates. I’m hoping to see if anybody out there has done better. But, I’m up for suggestions.

I coached a roller hockey camp in Stuart, FL like a decade ago at some outdoor rink - hot as bawlz. Don’t let these wieners brain-wash you. Hondas are the best. Hondas lease well. Get a Honda. Honda.

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I’d go look at a Jetta, or a 3 series if don’t need android auto, might even be a Benz deal out there, fart car of course. Jetta gets great MPG’s

This needs to be the new Fred Savage Honda tag line at the end of their commercials.

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Who else wants to time-travel for a 3-way with Winnie Cooper and Topanga?

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You are correct. Dealer called me today. Loyalty gone. Payment now 300. Not happy.

When you let the month turn over it’s a gamble.

Go find a 3 series diesel, they are blowing these things out.

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MSRP 24295
Selling 20482
Cap 22575
D Fees 1812
Resid. 14820
MF .00127
D Cash 1100
Payment 280 tax included

Contacted 3rd dealer when I didn’t like what I was hearing from the other two. Without prompting or knowing their offers, gave me this one over the phone and then sent photo of the worksheet. While the payment is only 5 bucks less than my next best offer, it includes first mo, tax, tag and govt. fees. (my figuring from last lease puts this at about 670.00) Divided by 36 is about 19.00. So this means my monthly would be 261.00 if I paid those up front. This is pretty much the exact figure I got on several lease calculators prior to contacting this dealer. Seriously considering. Thoughts?

Anything under MSRP on a Civic is a steal.


Still $280 a month for a car with a $24295 msrp, very meh. No fake leather or heated seats right? Are they being straight about the 0 DAS too? The photo show zero cash due?

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Btw joeblogs, I did look at and test drove a Jetta R-Line sedan today. Very nice. But wife is set on a Honda.