2019 Buick Enclave Avenir - lease deal


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Top trim stuff almost never leases well, strangely enough the Denali isn’t half bad in that regard sometimes.

Haha, 850 for a Buick. Okay, this pays for all the lease hacking.


Thank you everyone, I did get a revised MF of 0.00183 which brings the monthly down to $780. I agree that it’s still pretty spendy for a Buick albeit, top trim, and I will look at the GLS as was suggested. The Volvo XC90 was the other one we considered but the 3rd row is pretty cramped and that’s a requirement for us. I currently drive an Acadia SLT and after 200,000 miles on it and serving the family well, it’s ready to be retired. Acadias have since become smaller and the 3rd row just isn’t as spacious as the 2008 I currently own. Will look at the GLS. Thanks all!

Here is the same MSRP in WA on cargurus.com . The “Great Price” after backing out the $3,500 incentive gets you to $53,334 - that’s a 10.4% discount before rebates/incentives. You will likely be able to do a bit better than this if you contact a bunch of dealers.


Whoa mama… 850 for a Buick…

Definitely encourage checking something else out. Though, I don’t normally look at 3-row SUVs with a usable third row.

What about an Expedition Max? Those are around 800 a month and present more value than the Enclave (in my opinion).

Ok. I’ve resisted posting what we ended up paying for a Buick Enclave Avenir, because it’s not a 1% deal and in general that’s what everyone expects you to obtain to be “good” on this forum. That being said while I love the XC90 and could have probably got a better deal, my wife fell in love with the Avenir and quite frankly I was pretty impressed with the quality and tech, compared to the Volvo. We had a previous Buick so we got a 4 month pull ahead plus additional 2k rebate + loyalty. They discounted to almost 10% as well so we ended up with a 60k car (give or take the change) for $611/month. (No tax I’m in NH).

Here’s the calculator.


I was gonna ballpark low 600s including tax with current incentives available to OP on an aggressive deal. Definitely not earth shattering but these kind of are what they are. Beats 850 a month lol. I think part of the problem is that there isn’t that much inventory within 100 miles of the zip OP posted on a different topic. You have like 16 to choose from.

IMO the entire 1% thing is BS garbage, so no worries there…I’ve ranted about that enough on this site. Get the best deal you can on the car you want!

On the 4 month pull ahead - was it an official pull ahead from GMF, or did they roll the remaining payments into your contract?

Official pull ahead from GMF.

Also agree on the availability. There was 1 model i could find within a 50mile radius. Loads of Premium and Essence. Just no Avenirs.

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Sounds like you got a really nice deal, congrats! Don’t be afraid to post it up in shared deals! LH needs more deal info like this, not just the unicorn stuff that totally distorts uninformed people’s expectations.

This is super helpful! Thank you! I am talking to a few dealers and there may be some room to negotiate but not much. Avenirs are hard to come by and I am hoping the dealerships that have more than 1 would be more willing to negotiate.

What is a pull back? Sorry I am still getting familiar with the terms. We have a 2005 or later non-GM and also have a current lease on another GM vehicle so I would qualify for the lease loyalty. Does the conquest incentive apply to leases?

I would sign at 611 for Avenir. That’s about as good as you’ll get for a top trim Enclave.

Have you considered a minvan? An Odyssey would price better and be more comfortable. The MSRP on an EL-X is $37,710. Get a Sienna if you need AWD.

I suggest this because a minivan will better suit your needs of carrying that many people regularly, get better gas mileage, be more comfortable, and cost at least 20 percent less (probably 50 percent on a lease, I’m guessing, based on previous leases I’ve arranged for a friend).

And either the Odyssey or the Sienna would have the added advantage of not being an Enclave. I’ve been in them. The only way I understand Buick can sell those things is to people that don’t look at other options.

I don’t mean to insult you. It’s just those things are horrible. I mean, “wood toned” accents. $54k vehicle and they can’t afford to give you real wood? “Premium materials?” I just don’t buy it – the Odyssey feels to me on par or better.

And the dealer ought to be killing itself just to move one of these…


The page references 16 percent off MSRP. That seems like a good STARTING point for it. Your initial quote had only 10 percent off as their contribution. Plus a marked up money factor?

I hope you’re not going to do business with these people. I also hope you’ll consider something other than a Buick. The only thing really comfortable for eight people other than a body-on-frame truck (Tahoe, Expedition) is a minivan. It’s really one or the other unless you’re going on really short trips fully loaded.

Good luck.

I don’t think it’s really fair to compare to fully loaded Enclave to an Odyssey. The Enclave and Traverse are the largest SUVs before heading to Tahoe/Expedition size and swallow up plenty of people and cargo.

I agree about the minivan. I have an Ody, it’s fantastic.

But 16% off is NOT realistic. That page includes purchase/finance incentives. 10% on a new one with no supplier and no GMS is pretty good.

Traverse is actually larger (and more spacious) than a Tahoe

It’s pretty close… I think the biggest difference is the Tahoe is wider.

Interior volume, cargo space, third row space, etc all favor traverse.

Traverse is also unibody for those wanting a more car like driving experience.

Major benefit of Tahoe/Yukon is towing capability