Found a "rare" new BMW 340 MT with ZHP

I had a Honda salesman try to tell me after a test drive that the Accord Sport 1.5T 6MT was an ultra rare and desirable vehicle that they absolutely could not sell below MSRP. I legit belly laughed. Thing had been on their lot for over 100 days. Less than 4 hours later he emailed me with a huge discount offer. I didnt respond at all to it because my mind was made up on the 2.0T. A day later he emailed me again with an even larger discount, I think it was around 15% off :rofl:

There are very few buyers like me who fetishize sporty sedans with manual transmissions AND put their money where their mouth is.

A base car with no options would be more desirable, especially since it would be ~$12k less

But no CF trim on the base car.

So funny story: the dealer that has two ZHPs匈 talked to the sales manager, he refuses to even provide a quote over phone or email, claiming that he has many interested parties ready to buy and I must come in person to talk numbers. Unreal. Dude runs his BMW dealer like a Detroit <$5k used car lot. Theyve both been there for over a year. Hope he likes looking at them for the next year too.

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Did you remind him the cars have been there for over a year? If so much interest, why are they still there?

I can already tell that its a waste of time. Im pushing him to get a quote so I can add to the worst leases thread.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: As I suspected.

Did a quick calculation and hes quoting it at MSRP with a marked up MF. GLWS!

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Hence why its been there so long. GLWS indeed.

Wow宇hats nearly M3 CS money.

Car in Indy or Ann Arbor?

Regardless, I wouldnt pick up for anything less than 20% off.

And thats from the sales manager. Dude REALLY wants to keep his ZHPs :grin:

@aigochamaloh - Ann Arbor. Its all yours!

Haha you hack it and take it home, Ive already leased the 6MT 340i, had my fun, and moved on. $334/mo payment from back then, those glory BMW days are gone.

If they were to go 20% off and use base MF, I get $352/mo with max MSDs. But Im not wasting my time trying to get there from 0% off haha.

Its a rare manual with ZHP what exactly do you expect?! Youre lucky he offered you anything less than 1k a month. People are nipping at his heals trying to throw their money at him. Hes doing YOU a favor.

Hahaha. Yes. I also got the feeling that sales personnel are even not allowed to quote the car themselves. It was weird that I got sent straight to the manager immediately, usually that happens a few exchanges in.

Good. Cut the middle man out and go straight to the bad quote.


Cut the negotiation and go straight to worst lease ever as well

Isnt that what just happened?

If anyone is interested, this is the one I was working with, no luck

And there is one in Maryland.

There was one in the pacific NW in January. I looked up the stats, said they only made 100. Pricey but oh how sweet with the 6MT.
I had a 340 6MT also, track package, 19. An amazing specimen of a car.
I hope one of you can get this, maybe on 4-30 when they finally cave. If you do, please post so we can drool.