2019 Buick Enclave Avenir - lease deal

Respectfully disagree. Very much. Both fill the same role IMHO, except the Odyssey would do it better. Unless you need AWD, in which case, the answer is Sienna.

This thread wasn’t about whether the Enclave was better than a minivan… it was to help the OP score a decent deal.


Why not do that again if it worked out well? Buy the last model year Acadia before the shorter body debuted. Even when the new gen was introduced the older body was still sold new as the Acadia Limited or something

Mostly because the answer is that NOTHING is better than a minivan so it’s a pointless debate :smile:

Where do you get these Lease Price Guidelines? And could you post the Encores? I’m about to lease another one. Thanks!

That’s not a price guideline, it’s from the GM workbook which you can find a link to by searching on here for that term. All you’re going to get is MF and RV which any dealer can (well, should be able to) tell you.

AFAIK Encore incentives have been pretty poor for the last few months and they haven’t been leasing as well as in the past, but check the incentives for your zip.

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We were able to negotiate a deal with final numbers coming in at $637/month including tax for 39mo/12k after $1750 in rebates and $2900 trade-in for the Acadia. I will post the full calculations once I get the car in hand, but I think we did good! Thanks all, this thread has been super helpful!

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Glad it worked out! Enjoy the car! Post it up when you can so that others can learn :slight_smile:

Was the 1750 in rebates considered with the previous deal they offered? If not, it looks as if your effective payment would be about 715 with tax. Was it the previous deal for 39 or 36 months?

I’m glad you found an extra 1750 in rebates to add to the car, it makes the deal far better, if it wasn’t included before.


Hey, thanks again! When you say Encore not as good as past, are we talking somewhat insignificant $10-15 diff or something more extreme? The local GM pricing ads look fairly similar to what I leased one at in early 2018.

Let’s stay on topic. Encore questions belong in an Encore thread.

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