2019 Buick Enclave Avenir - lease deal

I am in the market to lease a 2019 Buick Avenir and this is the deal I am getting. The dealer says that financing deals are more attractive than lease deals and is unable to give me some of the rebates. Can someone tell me what incentives and rebates I can expect? And what is a reasonable monthly payment with 0 down? Attaching my current calculations I got from the dealer

Check on Autobytel or Edmunds for leasing incentive numbers. $0 discount for any Buick model is laughable.


You can plug these into the calculator and play around with the selling price to see what kinda discount gets you to a palatable payment with $0 down payment

That MF must be marked up. Just looked on Edmunds and the posts there show it to be lower (.00183).

I’d get them to use the correct MF and try recalculating the lease with just first month OOP. Also check into one trim level down. The MF was lower on the other trims.

For fun here’s an AWD Enclave Avenir MF/residual and incentives for a suburb of Chicago. 15k deal

So the MF is marked up significantly, there’s 0 dealer discount, and they’re asking 5k down…

Worst lease deal candidate?

I wouldn’t touch this car for under 11% or 12% discount. Definitely with no money down.

Get to Edmunds to check out the actual MF and RV.

It’s A 60k dollar traverse… rather have a Tahoe.


I’m curious where that rebate figure is coming from too. Based on the MF, RV and rebates (likely) being off I’m suspecting a third party bank here, possibly because the GMF lease incentives pretty much stink on these. The lack of dealer discount is laughable, as stated before. 53k-54k should be a realistic price before rebates, if not you need to find someone willing to discount off MSRP, which should be basically everyone else. In my area at least there are multiple units at multiple dealerships that have been sitting for a year or more currently.

Maybe dealers think these cars look really good sitting in their lots?

Slaps Hood You can fit so many Encores in this bad boy right here!


Yes it’s a fancier Traverse… but a lot of content and in reality the Traverse can hit mid 50s all loaded up.

Not everyone wants a Tahoe and they don’t lease that great anyway.

To the OP get more info, beat the dealer up on selling price and buy rate MF and you should be able to get this close to a 1% deal with first payment only OOP. Also check out a fully loaded trim one notch below the Avenir. The MF looks much better according to Edmunds and will yield a better payment.

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Thank you, all. Tjc78, what do you mean by 1% deal? So here is where I currently stand for 39mon/12K -
MSRP - $59,540
Rebates - $1750
Dealer discount - $4760
Net cap cost - $54,335.75
MF - 0.00283
RV- 56%
Down payment - $0
Monthly tax - $69.60 (zip 98065)
Monthly depreciation- $538.29
Monthly finance charge- $248.13
TOTAL monthly payment - $856.02

Still seems pretty high to me. Thoughts?

$1500 rebate because we have another GM lease, and $250 lease cash rebate.

Yeah but your quote has $6210.00 in rebates and incentives listed, where is the rest of that coming from? Edit: Nevermind, I see the rest of the breakdown you posted before this reply that explains it better. Dealer should have been more clear about that on that initial quote.

By 1% We mean 1% of MSRP equaling monthly payment.

Go to Edmunds and ask for the current MF and incentives for your region.

.00283 definitely seems marked up by the dealer. That’s nearly 7% which is why the finance charge is so high.

I also think there is more money to be had in the dealer discount

I wouldn’t sign that deal.

Personally, I just don’t think I could ever contemplate sending $856 of my hard earned to Buick every month. No matter how fancy this particular version of the Enclave is. That payment gets you into some seriously nice SUVs. Isn’t this approaching GLS money?

Depending on how long it’s been at the dealership I’d push for about 53,000 before rebates and incentives, which will be about 11% off. If you are feeling really saucy I’d shoot for $51,200 and maybe end up in the middle. And you definitely need the buy rate MF.

The MF is marked up to the max amount GM allows. Your dealer is an a-hole. Tell them base MF.

But even with base MF and a little more selling price discount, you’re going to pay out the nose. There is no way to make this lease well. Rebates suck, incentives are very poor. Check out BMW deals this month…grab one of them. This isn’t worth it.


Yowzers. I think a new 2019 BMW X5 (no third row) or Audi Q7 or Honda Pilot Elite might be cheaper than that. The heart wants what the heart wants though.

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It’s a little bit smaller, but perhaps the Acadia Denali might be worth shopping as an alternative?

Or literally anything else. How about 4 Terrains?