2019 Audi Q5 Signed SoCal - 16.8% Off MSRP

2019, Audi Q5, Premium with Convenience Package and Audi Care

Happy with the deal since I don’t qualify for any incentives. Thought about holding out for Summer of Audi but this was too good to pass on. I am guessing they will change MF and RV here shortly since MF is already low. The calculator does not have the correct disposition fee ($495) on it but I will also get some money back on the Audi Care if I don’t use anything past the 20K service.

*Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:*

MSRP: $46,659
Selling Price: $38,798
Monthly Payment: $417 + Tax
Cash Due at Signing: $5,595 (with $4.5k MSD. Only paid for 1st month and DMV fees)
MSD:$4,500 (paid with credit card for points)
Incentives: None

Annual Mileage:10K
MF:.00068 (before msd)
Residual: 56% (1% bump from Audicare)

Leasehackr Score: 9.1

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I’ve had many cars with Audicare…never heard of this rebate on unused portion of Audicare. And I once turned in a car with12K miles after three years!

Would you care to post a link, or written policy? The dealer saying so is, frankly, not very reassuring!

In California, you get a small refund on Audicare for services you do not use.


  • May not be canceled and is non-refundable. 7
    Applicable in all states except California. In California, please see your Audi dealer for details. No refunds will be given if your lease is terminated early, or if your lease term is less than the coverage period.
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From what I have read you get $135 per service you don’t use in CA.

You should have bought a premium plus it would have been just slightly more as residual is bigger. It’s a solid deal nonetheless.

Just had a customer lease a 2019 s4 63k msrp for 6k down all in at 500 a month. That’s all fees taxes and everything.

Prior customer of mine so we made it easy for him. 6500 in just rebates helps a lot.

Premium and Prem + have the same residual.

Premium plus would be thousands more and a higher payment.

Socal has 4k on the S4 in rebates.

This is also assuming I could have gotten the same discount on the P+ which doesn’t seem likely. For what it’s worth I asked the same dealer to quote me on the P+. It would have been about $85 more per month for features that are nice to have but I don’t need. The Audi virtual cockpit is cool, but not worth $1k per year cool.

I have to check the programs but I believe you’re correct. Chicago has great rebates an IL rebate if youre a resident here.

My friends (a guy I work with) asked if I could help him find his mom on a SUV lease deal. At first she wanted an Q5 so I made a few SOCAL/SD county calls and I was able to get a text list of JUL deals in SOCAL. She ended up wanting a Lexus instead. But if you want a copy of the list and phone number I would be happy to share. Just PM me.

I did get 95% of my Audicare back when I totaled my Q5 after 9 months…so there’s that!

Are you in CA?

Yes…Los Angeles.

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this is a great deal, would you mind sharing the rep or broker who handled this for you?

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