Audi Q5 deal? Decent deal?

Looking at leasing a 2019 Audi Q5 details below

Q5 Premium w/Convenience Package & sunroof
MSRP/Selling price: 47,795/42,361 (11% discount)
Residual: 49%
MF: .00064
39 months/12k miles (per month)
5K drive off
includes $2250 in rebates
Doc/Tax/Tags 499/1400/374

Advice on deal. What to optimize for. I want down payment honestly just to keep the payments lower.

$5,000 drive off? That’s insane. That’s effectively $650 a month. Good luck should the car get totaled like the guy who has been dealing with his Q5 that was totaled after a whole week.

That’s an awful deal. With the 2020s coming soon you should shoot for 14% before rebate. Use MSD instead of a down payment.

I’ve reached out to many dealers in the northeast, this is not such a bad deal…
People here love saying that your deal is the worst, but it’s just not true in this case - 11% discount is great, though I do agree with @AP919 that you’d do well to get rid of the DAS.

It’s not 11%. It’s 11% with rebate, I’m still saying not a good deal. Go through a broker who can get a much better deal like @discountsales2020


Similarly, it’s still $650 a month for a $47,000 Audi, which sucks even for Audi.

I know the mileage is lower on this one, but the MF is lower, and it’s just about the same price vehicle, but it’s still both a lower payment and significantly less DAS.

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True. I’m just lucky to live in SoCal. My deal was $482 per month with tax and audi care.

Agreed, plus your residual was 7% higher, which doesn’t hurt! Either way, OP appears to be in the tri-state area, where there are a gazillion Audis on the road and almost as many dealerships, so he could still get a much better deal, save for the awful residual.

I had a higher MF and no rebate though. That RV (is it really that low?) is bad and makes it pretty hard to get a good deal.

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I think it’s a bad deal because of the 5K down. I did a sign and drive with a 2.0 Q7 and 65K MSRP. Tax in and Audi care I’m at $805 a month for 36 months and 10K miles.

Update: I was able to do MSD instead of down payment. Doesn’t really change much of the numbers but at least i get that back. Thanks for the advice. I never heard of that before (I’m pretty new at this). I asked for 15% off assuming he would counter with a little lower like 14 or 13 but didn’t budge. I’m gonna sit on it for a while. Shop around and see what I can get.

I can get this for you if you want

I think if you do 36 vs 39 you will get a 1% bump in RV. Worth asking.

39 is better price wise.