2019.5 QX60 LUXE FWD $57095 MSRP / $329+tax / SoCal / VPP+Loyalty+Conquest / Standard Drive Off

Not the most pleasant experience (see below), and I probably could have gotten a bit more off of MSRP, but here’s the final deal:

QX60 LUXE with Essential, Sensory, Proactive, White

**MSRP: $57,095
**Selling Price: $48,531 (15% off msrp), BEFORE discounting for VPP, Loyalty, Conquest
**Monthly Payment: $328.65+tax
**Cash Due at Signing: ~$1344+MSD
**MSD: 2000
**Incentives:$1500 loyalty, $1500 VPP, $1500 Conquest

**Annual Mileage:12k
**MF: .00042- 4x.0001=.00002%

**Leasehackr Score:14

This would have been a MUCH better deal on a car with lower MSRP, but this is the car my wife wanted. Sigh.

My experience at the dealer in SoCal was downright miserable, which I suppose is a reason to consider a broker. (@BiggL is who I’d recommend based on the short interaction I had with him.) Since I did this on my own, I was dealing with the GSM. In person, he tried to screw me every which way from Sunday after knowing full well the deal we had locked in by phone. When a car guy says to you, “I am giving you an even better price than what we talked about,” you KNOW they are trying to screw you.

Eventually, after all sorts of games, I just pulled out my laptop with Excel sitting on the desk with F&I, trying to figure out with F&I and the GSM on a lease calculator where they were trying to hide cap reduction. I’m sure they knew 100% what they were trying to pull, but just insisted the numbers were as-agreed. Ultimately, I figured out what they were doing and the deal was done as specified above.

After all of this, on the way out, the GSM begged me for a 10-star review. When I’m about to drive off, the underling sales guy hands me a survey all filled out the way he wanted it to be filled out. “It can be confusing,” he said.

I’ve leased several cars in my life and this was for sure the sleaziest transaction… but as I told F&I and the GSM, the numbers don’t lie. This calculator was correct, down to the penny:


Also, thanks to Leasehackr and various people who posted suggesting that a call to Infiniti Customer Service would get VPP. Took a few days to get, but worked perfectly!

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Where were you able to find the loyalty rebate info? I own an Infiniti currently, but have been unable to find anything on that.

I had a rough time with this too. IFS cannot look it up and tell you. So far as I know, only a dealer can look it up and tell you if you have it. They can look it up based on name/address. They don’t even need the VIN of your current car.

A dealer told me that I had it. For the qx60 it’s currently $1500.

2018, 2019 or 2019.5?

Not sure if there is a rule - but can you post the dealer information or the sales people involved so we can all avoid dealing with them?

@Boringdriver Sorry–changed the title. It was a 2019.5.

@Dgo I don’t know the rules either, but in the end I got the deal I expected. It just took a lot of battling and underhandedness. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching “Sneaky Pete,” but I’ve been replaying the entire con in my head. Really just so slick. You avoid this dealer, you get snookered by the next. Better to understand the process.

I am a novice, but after this experience, my advice, regardless of where you negotiate, is this: TRUST THE NUMBERS. Use the spreadsheet. Most importantly, know exactly how the drive off is calculated. Even if you have $0 DAS, understand how that was calculated and how the incentives got you to $0.

Before going into the dealer, what I didn’t know were the exact numbers for license, registration, etc. But once I was in there and had those numbers, the spreadsheet was correct down to the penny. The F&I guy and GSM tried to blame my spreadsheet. “We have done thousands of deals with OUR computer.” With the GSM out of the room, F&I and I created the deal from the beginning, step by step, to see where the numbers were off. We started with MSRP and NO incentives and NO MSDs. At MSRP, what was my lease payment going to be? He showed me HIS computer. I showed him mine. The numbers matched. Then we discounted the price by 15%. Compared his and my numbers. Matched to the penny. Changed the MSD. Compared numbers. Until all incentives were in and the numbers matched. THEN, F&I goes back to the GSM and GSM comes back and begs for a good review. So, so shady.

Oh, and by the way, they charged my credit card for the drive off BEFORE they showed me the contract. So once I looked at the contract, realized something was off and started fighting, the credits (back to my credit card) and price change ended up being about $1600. Until that time, I had been telling GSM I wanted “standard drive off, no cap reduction,” but he had snuck in a bunch of cap reduction to get to the price, despite what he told me on the phone.

Good to know, and what an incredible deal. Just out of curiosity, what is the difference between 2019 and 2019.5 on the QX60?

I’d say that’s a fair shake. Great gangbusters deal but sleazy move at the end from the dealership.

Take what you can get and enjoy the car for the next 39 months…


Congrats on the deal, but I am sorry to hear of your experience at the dealership.

For everyone else, I can do this deal all day long here in SoCal. Please PM me if you would like to get a deal like this.


Is it just in Cali that they are issuing loyalty as well? Don’t see that to be the case in the north east. Can this be verified?

Update: Today I received the standard email soliciting a review: “Your recent sales experience - 2 minutes” The email came from INFINITI Americas.

I filled it out and skewered the GSM, as he deserved.

2 hours later the GSM himself calls my cell phone ranting and raving. “I wish you never set foot in my dealership.” “I lost over $3,000 on this car.” Blah blah blah. Refused to acknowledge any culpability, or why my credit card had to be credited $1k after the deal was completely rewritten in F&I.

Anyway, word to the wise: Be ready to defend your review to the person you’re reviewing.

And hey, Infiniti, if you’re listening, if you want people to leave honest reviews, at least have a policy not to allow the person being reviewed to call and berate the reviewer. What a joke.


Damn that so dumb on their part to call you after the fact. No Class… IDK with infiniti but with Toyota if you try to influence the survey the way they did that is considered a strike against the dealership and is a HUGE deal.

You should report your post-survey harassment to Infiniti Corporate

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@Max_g We think alike! In fact, my first call after I hung up with the GSM was to Infiniti corporate. They said, in essence, “sometimes those surveys are sent by the dealership so they receive the responses.” I said how shocked I was that I had to relive the experience by getting a talking to from the GSM I reviewed. Seasoned con-artist GSM vs rookie car buyer. Not a fair fight.

Anyway, this was just the initial 2 minute survey…I’ll have at least one more bite at the apple soon enough. I do not plan to hold back. Scum of the scum.

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You could tweet about this and call them out. Trump would.
Let’s make leasing great again


Can you gift VPP to someone - friend / family ?

What did you say to Infiniti customer service to get VPP? Did they give it to you since you qualify for loyalty?

I talked to them about my prior Infiniti; it was really not difficult, but I did rely on having an existing Infiniti.


The rules differ depending on who has VPP. If it’s an employee of one of the huge list of companies, then the rules are different than if the VPP holder is an employee of a Nissan-affiliated company, for example.

if i had a penny for everytime i heard this line :rofl:

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Thanks for the reply. Would you remember what was on the company name on the VPP claim certificate?