2019.5 QX60 LUXE FWD $57095 MSRP / $329+tax / SoCal / VPP+Loyalty+Conquest / Standard Drive Off

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Just messaged you asking if you were able to get Loyalty even though you no longer owned one (at least that’s how I interpreted your post). If so, what did you say to get it? Did you just call the Consumer Affairs number on the Infiniti website? Thanks.

Replied to your PM.

This is an amazing deal. How did you get your loyalty incentive. I asked two dealers in my area and they do not know anything about it. Well honestly they do not know much in general.

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I did nothing to get loyalty. It just happened. I don’t know how or why. I wish I had a magic formula.

From what I came to learn, only the dealer can look up whether you have a loyalty incentive. They can look it up by name/address and/or VIN number of your current Infiniti. Calling Infiniti Financial Services was useless.

I did not use a broker, but there are brokers on this site (@BiggL works in SoCal) who work with trusted dealers and may be able to help.

In hindsight, I am wishing I had worked with a broker. I am still fighting with the dealer where I leased my QX60…so yeah, I am happy with my deal, but they are STILL trying to screw me at every chance. It’s shocking.

Thanks for the info. LOL. It is their job to screw people, but this is why lease hacking is possible;)

Carmoss, I am going through a similar situation myself albeit in Chicago. In order to provide the 1500 conquest incentive, the dealer has increased the DAS, and adjusted the difference through a cap reduction. Is this the only way to do this?

In my final lease, the cap reduction was equal to the loyalty+conquest=$3000. Then there was a credit of that same amount, so the net drive off did not include the $3000.

The $1500 VPP came off the negotiated price of the car.

Hi Carmoss-

Congrats on fighting it out! I’m very envious of the deal you got. I just secured a very similar deal here in WA only to have the dealer RENEG on me after letting me drive off with the car. Long story short, I got:

QX60 Luxe, essentials package, MSRP $52220
Selling price 44500 (15% off) may have been a little lower
VPP, conquest, winter bonus - total 4K in incentives
4 MSDs @$2k
And I negotiated $1850 back to me as a credit to pay off my existing lease

They too a whole day to approve it, but I got $369/mo after tax, zero drive off except MSDs. Sales manager was so slammed that they shook my hand, told me I could sign the next day and handed me the keys, and said the deal was good. Two days went past and another sales manager called to say they couldn’t do the deal, because it lost them $6000. Baloney. My wife and gave the GM so much hell he literally gave me a check for $1850 for our trouble.

So the real question is, are these QX60 deals mainly happening in CA? Washington is a tough state to buy a car - seems like people are willing to pay more to not negotiate - I think it’s a cultural thing. I’m originally from socal btw… but I’ve had 2 dealers now tell me that they couldn’t take 15 off mark without losing 6 grand. I don’t buy it.

More competition and dealers, plus different incentives. Western WA is a notoriously difficult place to hack deals and requires a great deal of patience. You also have to be respectful dealing with these folks because they will blackball you - most are busy enough to do that without blinking.

Yeah, figured that sheer economics had something to do with it. There is so much wealth up here that people routinely put down asking price plus 15% in cash when they buy houses, so I guess they don’t also don’t really care how much they spend on a vehicle. All the other normal folks here just buy used I guess…

It’s just a little insulting when dealer after dealer shows you invoice price and tells you they’re losing money if they go below that number. When you call them out, they act like you’re speaking a foreign language. If they want to blackball me for that, they can be my guest. I would never buy from them anyway…