2018 XC60 T5 Momentum

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:

**MSRP: $47,165
**Selling Price: $39,174.39 total cap $40,582.39 including $995 acquisition and added protection package of $413
**Monthly Payment: $363.42 plus tax
**Down Payment: $4,000
**MSD: **

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: unknown ($1,436.05 over 36 months)
**Residual: unknown ($26,884.05 buyout)

**Zip Code:**SoFL
**Leasehackr Score: **
**Pre-filled Calculator link:

Cap cost $2051.27
First payment $388.86
Registration $447.26
Upfront tax $225.11
Dealer fee $859
Tire fee $8.50
Agency fee $20
Acquisition $995 (added into cap)
Optional (exterior/interior protection stuff) $413 (added into cap)


Why did you put money towards a cap cop resuxtion instead of MSD?

Wow I’m working a deal right now for my in laws in CT, same car but MSRP is 49,225 and the lowest monthly I was able to get is $575 for 36/10. Father in law refuses to do MSDs so this is with $1500 out of pocket.

Why would he refuse MSDs?

His excuse was that he doesn’t want to give Volvo money interest free. He’s a numbers guy and doesn’t see the point in letting money leave his account if he’s not making any on It. I’ve tried 1000 times to explain to him how much better of an idea it is but I’ve given up.

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Tell him to run the rate of return of the MSD. It usually works out to be equivalent to 15-20% interest per year. If he’s a number guy, speak numbers. If he’s making greater than 15-20% return, guaranteed, on his money, then he shouldn’t do MSDs.


I’m happy with my decision but anyhow how much would MSD save? Because 1.5% breaks down to 40 or so a month. If I put 2k in MSD instead of down payment I would have a higher monthly payment.

Yeah but you aren’t going to see your 4k again while the MSDs you would get back.


Your monthly may increase, but your net cost will drop probably $1500 or so. You get the whole MSD amount back at the end.

I would definitely try explaining MSDs to the in law again. A numbers guy should understand the idea, unless he’s getting 20% in the market right now, I can’t see why one wouldn’t want to do it. Cap cost are a waste

I’ve been trying. We’re going to the dealer tomorrow again, I’m going to give the explanation another shot.

Make him read this lmao also show him the total cost on the calculator with msd and without

Everyone finances are different. If leasehackr calculator is correct I would save $1k over 36 months with max MSD, but my monthly would go up $80. In our case we had a monthly goal. To each their own. I was sharing my deal, other can decide on how they want to use MSD.

ROFLMAO!!! A number’s guy? And he can’t understand the return on MSD. LOL


Not much of a tip if you have no idea what the details of your actual lease are other than your drive offs and monthly relative to the sticker price.

The customer who is obsessed by the monthly payment without looking at total cost is the perfect customer to be fleeced by the dealer.

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I’m ok with the dealer/finance making a $1,000 over 36 months. They sold it at full holdbacks and didn’t increase MF. I’m happy with my deal and noone on this forum has came close to this number. Also BTW MOST of the people visiting this site are looking for a affordable monthly with minimum down

You can take the horse to the river …

LOL. If you don’t want to look at the good deals, we can’t force you to…

Ok, forget about the $4k down (which is my choice). I’m still at 1% no money out of pocket on a new model. Please share a link or a deal that is better on a 2018 Volvo XC60… specially without lease loyalty.

I’ll wait…

Edit: I posted a deal under deals and tips, didn’t ask for peanuts.