2018 Volvo XC60 Now on A-Plan

I guess they did change it. April Volvo Sales Bulletin doesn’t show it.

I think you are a little slow today …

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Can’t wait for the first example great deal on an XC60

Nope, just go by what I have on file.

Nothing has changed on Sam’s Club website just yet:

Sam's Club Members are eligible for member pricing plus $750 bonus cash on select models. $3,000 bonus cash plus member pricing available on the S90, V90 and V90 CC.

No need to look far or wait long. this guy here mastered the art of the “low monthly”

Thanks! Though the T5 is a bit slow…

It does not spell out $750, which was available on XC90 and others, but not on XC60. Nor does it specify “member” a-plan pricing, which was at MSRP on XC60. So, Sam’s disclosure did not need to change.

Didn’t Sam’s club members got A-Plan pricing on the models they listed - S90, V90 and V90 CC?

We are talking about changes to XC60 a-plan.

So the change is to -6%?

Brand new here, so bear with me :slight_smile:

And, maybe I’m doing my math wrong, but even with the new discounts, it seems that my $66.4k S90 is still a better deal than a similarly-specced $59k XC60, to the tune of $127 per month.

I’d need to lower the price of the XC60 to $49k MSRP to get close to my S90 monthly payment.

The bear will be with you shortly …


Yes, and + $750 cash.

To me leasing a S90 when you want an XC60 is a horrible deal.:slight_smile: Right now pretty much all luxury SUVs are poor deals compared to a luxury sedan since fewer and fewer people want sedans these days and the manufactors haven’t adjusted their production yet.

And I know people are teasing the guy with the “low monthly” but getting 8k off MSRP is more than I have seen for most XC60 where I normally see 4-5k. Wonder if the initial demand for this model has been largely met.

haha, touche. I do want an XC60, but happy with a sedan. Fiancee made me get the B+W instead of massaging seats though, rats! And, my parking costs an extra $80 (negotiated down) for an SUV. Honestly doesn’t really make sense to me, since the ceilings are high in the entire garage and the S90 is way harder to park!

Is A-Plan applied on top of any negotiated price?

Through the end of the month, unless they extend it.

Edit- the a-plan elite bonus is added on, not the 6%

So with a rather conservative negotiated 10% off MSRP and 6% A-Plan off MSRP T6 MOM Base gets down to ~$38.7K incl. acquisition fee. Not bad… According to the calculator and when taking (from Edmunds) pre-MSD MF/RV of .00079/57%, it gets to $387/m pre-tax with $0 down (score of 9.6 years).

I couldn’t find any incentives except for $2K loyalty for current XC60 lease holders, which I’m not qualified for. Saw some “$1000 lease bonus” reports but I don’t see it published on Volvo’s website…

Not 10% plus 6%, you’ll start at 6% and work your msrp down.

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