2018 Volvo XC60 T6 Momentum - $1,222 upfront and $599/month

Hi Everyone, I know it isn’t the greatest deal as those are hard to come by on this vehicle, but this forum was immensely helpful for me (especially for my first lease), and I wanted to provide some details in case it helped someone else. This was with no special offers other than Volvo $1,000 lease cash. I didn’t qualify for A-plan, loyalty, etc. I closed this on April 30.

2018 Volvo XC60 T6 Momentum with all 3 major packages (Convenience, Vision, Advanced)

MSRP: $54,440
Selling Price: $49,500
Upfront: $1,222
Monthly: $599
MSD: 10 totaling $6,000
Incentives: $1,000 Volvo Lease Cash

Months: 36
Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00079 (0.00029 after 10 MSDs)
Residual: 57% or $31,030.80
Acquisition Fee: $995 (rolled into lease)
Doc Fee: $459
Lic./Reg. Fee: $135
Zip: 02062
Leasehackr Score: 7.9

Great car, planning on it being my next. Enjoy it!

@13_F150 got a good deal on the XC60. OP’s deal is pretty bad.

I read through that post over the past week. Seems like if I take out his $2k cash cap reduction it isn’t such a good deal.

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@Bruce_Smith are you saying this deal is one of the worst lease deals you’ve seen? Can you point out what is so bad about it?

If you take out the $2k CCR, he’d be at $420/month+tax, which is still good for the new XC60. If he did max MSDs, it would have been a great deal.

XC60 just doesn’t lease well right now. If you’re happy with the deal, great. Congrats on the new car.

$599/mo is a lot for a $54440 car.


My deal is not good because I put Money down and not MSD? But my % off is 1 of the highest and my fees are only marked up by $300… but if you think you can do better. Please do so and post your deal so others can learn what a good deal is.

With this price you can lease a better car, Lexus GX460. I lease Lexus GX460 fully loaded at 620 including Socal Tax and no down no MSD.

To be clear, the monthly is $599 including 6.25% MA tax, so i guess a fairer comparison is the monthly before tax, which is $564. I know, still not under 1%.

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Whether it’s a better car is debatable. Not everyone wants a truck-based SUV.

Based on some of the deals posted here, I am not sure your deal was that great either.

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Maybe the ugliest car on the road too

I don’t get why you did this deal if you already had read the conversation in the thread. The T5 was clearly the better unit with the same residual and a lower MF and a 24 month term was the sweet spot for residual.

Tri-state has an extra 1k and 3k XC60 retention bonus on XC60 this month. And dealer’s $150 bonus per unit.

Hmmm u sure thats a good deal ?

What is a retention bonus, something like a Volvo loyalty?

Probably for current XC60 owners. I’d like to hear from @nyclife :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course it is better than this deal, My GX460 Luxury MRSP is 65k+, no MSD, No down, only 620 including CA tax.

Yeah, but that is comparing apples to oranges. I could list my GX deal all day, but doesn’t mean people actually want a GX its cheap for a reason.