2018 Volvo S90 T6 MOM - Last Day of the Month Deal $237/mo

Got a call from their sales manager yesterday and thought what the hell, so many Volvo deals out there let me get one also so as usual I am posting a deal I was able to get yesterday For a new 2018 S90 T6 MOM with following options and MSRP of $60,715. The reason for the new post instead of adding to the thread is going forward we hear there are many rumors that A-plan will be stuck at 6% off MSRP. The sales manager at the dealer where I leased the vehicle agreed to give a 9% off MSRP ongoing for leasehackr’s for the month of April on most in-stock models. Before bombarding them with calls, structure the deals yourself as respectable leasehackrs would and give them an email or a call. Mention you’re from the online leasing forum, Leasehackr.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) $54,100
Momentum Plus Package $700
• 4-Zone Electric Climate Control, Cooled Glovebox
• Headlight High Pressure Cleaning
• Active Bending Lights (ABL), added to standard
• LED Headlights w/ Thor’s Hammer DRL & Auto
• Highbeam (AHB)
Convenience Package $2,550
• Heated Washer Nozzles (wet arms)
• Power Operated Trunklid
• 360° Surround View Camera
• HomeLink
• 12V Power Outlet
• Compass (Inner Rear View Mirror)
• Park Assist Pilot & Front Park Assist (Rear std)
Metallic Paint $595
Integrated End Pipes* $275
Heated Steering Wheel $300
Premium Air Suspension in Rear $1,200
Destination Charge $995
Total Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) $60,715

They’re good people at the dealer that I dealt with and I would recommend them to friends and family. To be honest, every Volvo dealer I talked to or walked into were very nice and quick, something other manufacturers are not good at, I think Volvo is going places.

McGrath Volvo Cars of Barrington
300 N Hough Street
Barrington, Illinois 60062
Dealer: 847-381-9400

Manny Chrisostomo
Sales Manager

Franz Mausser

MSRP: [$60,715]
Selling Price: [$42,595] 11% off + $10,250 in rebates/allowances (A-Plan $3000, $5750, $1500)
Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [7,500]
MF: [.00028] with max 10 MSD ($3250)
Residual: [65%]
Security Deposit: [$3250]
Total Due At Signing: [$3562] = MSD plus first payment only.
All other items rolled-in payment. including $995 acq fee.
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$312]
NOTE: Payment includes $1800 of negative equity rolled in. Making my effective payment without the trade-in neg equity $237/mo.
Disclaimer: I am not getting any benefit from this dealer or any other dealers. I do what I do because I enjoy it. Below is a dealer photo of the car


Great Deal. Thanks for posting. I wonder how long the “Don’t sell below 6% discount” on A-plan is going to last, especially if sales dry up in Q2. Good to see this dealer is still stretching the rules. Interesting what they are advertising on their homepage, a lease on a 2017 S90.

Please take notice of these sentences.


One of those times it sucks not to qualify for A-Plan.

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I qualified using Sams Club: https://samsclub.truecar.com/samsclub-landing.html?referrer_id=ZSAM000021447&xid=hdr_services_auto-buying-program

Wasn’t the A Plan Incentives supposed to expire on April 2nd? Did they extend by one more day?

Thank you for that! I hadn’t even thought to check Sam’s Club. Would you recommend emailing the sales person or manager first?

Sales mgr at this dealership said he would honor it for the month of April. You may not get another dealer to play ball…YMMV.

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This dealership may rue the day you posted their info on here as it’s been proven to backfire in the past with some and their reading skill/comprehension.

Great deal though…congrats!


Work the deal out yourself for the model you would like, remember each model and sub-model will have different incentives/MF/Residuals which are still not posted for April. Once that is done then contact them based on a specific model.

They’re a large company that just bought out this smaller Volvo dealer, they may just be catching up on some things I don’t know. Or there could be an amazing deal to be had on a 2017 but I don’t know about that.

Its another BMW of Akron situation - fire sale older stock. :wink:

It also looks like all the remaining models are well equipped T5’s which will lease higher than a similarly equipped T6 (based upon incentive patterns over the last 6-9 months).

They are $1500 less in incentives for the T5’s, I wonder if they will change that for April and what inventory the dealer will get.

Franz is really nice, tried to work a deal with him last year but his manager at the time flat out refused to go past 8% pre incentive last November.


I know what the a plan is. But what are the other two rebates listed please?

Look on Volvo payment calculator that follows build and price. Rebates vary by region so it might be different for you

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I also use Autobytel, costcoauto, edmunds and manufacturer website for incentive info.

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Looks like the incentives and A plan have stayed the same.
Now only need to confirm the mf and rv. Also need to double check if the change to the a plan discount occurred.


Can you use someone else’s Sam’s club membership to get you a code? Family member or friend possibly? Or do you need proof it’s yours?