Florida Dealerships - Tough to Get Good Deals?

Or ship a leased car.

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Sales guy at Naples Audi said the exact same thing to me.

I was at a Lexus dealer in Clearwater and I asked if there were any incentives on the RX. This salesman looked at me and said ‘oh is the price of the car important to you?’


Sounds like the classic Pavlovian conditioning. Perhaps wealthy people have conditioned sales people not to worry about price. Every time a sales person meets a customer, they somehow think price isn’t important.

its not impossible to get good deals but you have to stand above the nonsense dealer attitude/games and have thick skin. If you’re getting turned off right in the beginning they win. Gotta fight :fire: with :fire: or hire a broker. I’m a big fan of the FL lemon law and getting cars from out of state disqualifies you from filing it in the event of issues.

Thanks! Please see the thread where I posted the following deal…

2018 Volvo S60 T5 FWD Sedan Deal

It’s unbelievable that I’m getting attacked and hammered over the lease loyalty amount. Some of these people need to get a life and find something to do.

Google Adrian Avila …he’s a manager at an Atlanta BMW store

I will keep his name in mind. Looks like he is a stand-up sales guy.

You just have to do a lot of the leg work, imo.

Finding the right salesperson is key. (Obviously)

FL has some outrageous dealer fees so that is something to deal with.

If anyone has any questions about a BMW in the SFL area feel free to reach out.

I will add that most dealers are not “hackr” friendly in part to those dealer fees and usually marked up MF.

But with determination anything is possible.

I recently leased an Alfa Romeo Stelvio in southern Florida. No special deals offered, but when I mentioned going out of state to lease, salesman said his manager would beat any lease deal. After much back and forth they actually did beat an out of state dealers lease offer, which I accepted. Great car ( SUV ) btw.

I read the thread. Nobody “attacked and hammered” you until you started mouthing off to them. They started off by questioning you legitimately. Apparently, you don’t like to be questioned, so you then became a keyboard warrior and attacked them, as I also read all your changed threads. Of course they’re going to fire back.

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I’m trying to get an S4/S5 in Florida and the dealership (sales person, who asked GM & finance manager) told me they have never heard of the term MSD or multiple security deposit and do not know anything about 1-pay leases.

Florida seems to be the worst. Looks like a trip up north a little bit is a pretty good idea.

^^^^ Wow. That is absolutely terrible.

I got the F-Type $400 deal from Sarasota Jaguar without any issues. Actually the easiest dealership experience I’ve ever had, so easy that I was paranoid the whole time. I was living in Chicago at the time and (minimally) negotiating via phone + email

Care to post your deal (contract)?

Hes probably talking about the lat 2016-early 2017 deals… the good ol days

Are you saying that Florida dealers were much better back then? :wink:

Lol. Oh that never existed ! I was talking about the good old ftype deal days

It’s not the money making South Florida such a bad environment for deals. Flashing wealth may be popular in South Florida but it’s actually not a very wealthy area relative to other metro areas (source below). NY/CT/NJ and LA much wealthier and have much better deals. Now places like Marin county, that’s somewhere people paying MSRP probably kill leaae deals.

My theory would be that the population growth hasn’t been matched by equal dealership growth and perhaps lack of competition and less sophisticated buyers. But anyway you cut it, south Florida is a great place to sell luxury vehicles.