2018 Lexus IS300 Lease Help


Long time lurker, first time poster here. This forum has convinced me to lease my next vehicle. I am in MD and we have to pay tax on the sales price.

My wife and I test drove a bunch of vehicles and we really preferred the IS300 over the 3 series, Volvo S90, and Infinity Q50.

So, I emailed a dealer who had one I liked. We have high credit scores so I think we’re likely tier 1. Here’s the info they provided me for a 12,000 mile lease:

Selling Price: $45,460
Discount: $2,150
Rebate: $3,750
Adjusted Price: $39,560

Total Purchase Price: $39,560
Admin Fee: $300
Tax: $2,616.60
Tax/License/Fees: $1,146

Net price: $43,622
Edit: They did verbally provide the residual, but would not provide it in writing.

        0 down     2,500 down   5,000 down

24 Months , 907 , 794 , 681 per month
36 Months , 696 , 620 , 544 per month

12,000 miles

They wouldn’t provide me with any additional information. This offer is terrible. Do I walk or run away? Can you negotiate with a dealer who starts this high? I could lease a much better car for that price considering the deals I read here.

please help.

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All indications are that this is a bad deal. A $2K discount off MSRP before the factory lease incentive is only 5% off MSRP.

The base MF is .00045. I would bet that yours has been marked up a bunch.

Residual on a 36/12 lease is 51% (that’s a tough amount of depreciation).

Find out the MF (verify that it is the # above) and then work on the purchase price (and remember that the $3750 isn’t coming out of the dealer’s pocket).

You could almost get two of the other cars for that payment!

You can tell dealer what is the price you are looking for (there were some recent IS300 deals posted here, use them for guidance) and the ball will be in his court. He might tell you that price is impossible but he might run into an end of month rush and call you desperate to move another unit. You have nothing to lose :slight_smile:

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If you’re old enough to lease, you’re a grown ass man or woman. Figure it out. It’s a forum, not rocket science.


As others have said, this deal is just flat out awful. You’re not getting nearly enough off of MSRP. If they won’t provide something as simple as the residual in writing, go to another dealer. I’ve heard that Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria is very expensive. Silver Spring seems better from what I have heard. The Lexus dealer in Delaware gave me a great quote once and so did Haldeman in Lawrenceville, NJ. MD tax is going to make this a tough deal to get regardless

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What is this? Taxes are already on the prior line item. License can’t be that much.

For states that tax the sales price, I don’t know if it’s worth leasing unless it’s a great deal (like <0.7% of MSRP per month before tax).

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Hello all. I’m back with an offer from another dealer on a similarly equipped model.

Selling Price: $46,713
Discount: $3,987
Rebate: $3,750
Adjusted Price: $38,976

Total Purchase Price: $39,560
Admin Fee: $300
Tax: $2,581.56
Nontax fees: $257.50

Net price: $42,910

They said the residual is 51% and the MF used is .00095 (marked up!!). They also said that Lexus doesn’t allow MSDs anymore, which I think they’re mistaken?

36 months, 12,000 miles:

594 down payment | 1,565 down payment | 2,537 down payment
594, | 565, | 537 per month

Any assistance on what to do next would be much appreciated. Do you just tell them you want base MF?

MSDs are not at dealer’s discretion it is between you and the Toyota Financial Services. Ask them to give you the base money factor and then use max MSDs allowed. Lexus still allows MSDs and here is the proof not that you should have to prove this to the dealer:


I also think you should be able to get 10% dealer discount but check the Lexus forums for the latest prices reported…

They kinda are because dealers don’t have to allow you to do it.

I think you should be getting at least 10% off before incentives.

I doubt that is the case for Lexus. If you look at the link that I provided, Lexus Finance says:

Reduce your monthly payments by making up to nine additional security deposits when you start your lease. The balance of any additional security deposits will be refunded to you** at the end of your lease.* This program is not available in New York.

*This information will be disclosed in your lease agreement. If mileage limits are exceeded, you may be charged additional fees at the end of your lease. See your lease agreement for details.

** Refunds less all remaining amounts due and owing under the lease including without limitation costs such as excess wear and use, excess mileage, or disposition fee."

Nothing about dealer participation being required for MSDs to be used.

Then, I think the question should be, where does @EthCapCPA live, as it’s not disclosed. If in NY, then it’s a moot point, and the dealer spelled it out wrong.

How can you force a dealer to do it if they won’t want to? You can’t sign paperwork and add MSDs with LFS after the fact.

Agreed. This is similar to GMs one pay. All are able to do it…some choose not to, as they lose money on the backend.