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I never said I didn’t like your opinion. However, you’re undermining his business and that to me constitutes the actions of an internet troll. Again, you keep posting the SAME comment that @nyclife himself posted about how two individuals were shady and went behind his back. At this point, you’re talking in circles. Good night!

It is only to confirm that the sentiment (of an unwarranted $400 broker fee) is shared by other potential lessees he comes in contact with. I was stating my opinion and sharing facts that support the opinion straight from @nyclife’s mouth.

In your opinion it is okay for him to undermine my desire to exit a lease (which may have been slightly above 1%, but may have been the right fit for someone here), but it is not okay to undermine his excess broker fee since he is operating a business? Well excuse me @jamiemose. Now, I know the rules, I’ll contact people by PM instead.

@nyclife: Unfortunately, I will cannot do any of these deal postings anymore with a whole bunch of quotes. As two of the 4 vehicles were purchased by the LH community, not through me. However, both of these individuals messaged me multiple times, and then ghosted. One of them did try to negotiate down my fee and then just said he would rather do it on his own.

There’s a reason many brokers make a living doing deals - their time and resources are a valuable commodity. You may not agree with a broker fee, and that’s fine to voice your opinion, but undermining someone’s business is completely against the spirit of this forum.


Understood. I will take it off of the forum per your request.

DW, the mods will do it for you.


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Continuing the discussion from Here’s a deal I’m working on for a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (SoCal):

Hi all,
I’m new to this site and new to leasing. Here’s my situation:
Car: 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Miles: 36600 (6600 over allowed miles on lease terms)
Lease end: June 19, 2018
Residual: $19,346.10
Live in Southern California
Loan owned by Ally Financial

We were thinking of handing in the lease/trading in for a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid however, after identifying the Pacifica we want had a really unpleasant interaction at the dealership when they low balled us on the trade in for the Jeep ($17,700) stating that the tires will need to be replaced, etc. Car max valued the car at $18,000. It’s in great shape, no scratches, damage, accidents, etc The KBB value is $19,432.

So, I’ve been doing my research and I’m still coming up short with some answers.
I want to avoid paying the ~$1300 in mileage overage.
Questions-when dealers call Ally do they get a different buyout amount than is offered to me? How does the mileage over come into play?
Is my best bet to 1. buy out the vehicle and keep it or 2. find a buyer on the private market, buy the vehicle from Ally and sell to private buyer within 10 days to avoid paying sales tax and registration?
Appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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Wow you’re a little cunty today

And your point is? Love how people feel all mighty behind a keyboard to insult others. Would you do this face to face? To my understanding this is a shopper’s site, not a dealers site to drum up business. I had no idea dealers were competing for my business? Sounds like the real world, especially on a car that could be had for under $300 8 months ago on a 3 year 15k lease. As to shady? Loan officers. I have no idea who they are but thought others who are interested in leasing a Tesla 3 might want the information while you so called experts could vet for the rest of us. This site serves a great resource for many of us who don’t share your expertise so not sure where your hostility comes from?

Yes I would. I’m not sure how my comment makes me “mighty behind a keyboard,” but ok.

You were shopping prices from @SOCALChevyPro with @chevysalesgirl. How would that not constitute pitting 2 dealers?

I’ll just bite my tongue. But I’m curious. Are you the site moderator? Is there a hard fast rule that dealers can’t compete for business on this site? If your in LA let me know so I know where not to shop. Thank you.

My name is not Bud, it’s Don. FYI I had no idea I was putting dealers against each other. In fact he referred me to one deal while I was speaking with another. But you wouldn’t know that. Thank you

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