2018 Lexus IS300 Lease Help

You cannot force anyone to do anything, it is a free country. You can just take your business elsewhere if the dealer is not willing to give you a service offered by the provider. However, if the dealer is lying to your face by saying “Lexus doesn’t allow MSDs anymore” you can call out on their lie. It is one thing to look for extra profit but lying to make extra profit is unacceptable.

We are talking about car salesmen here. Lying is almost 100% guaranteed to happen.

It’s more trouble to convince/teach a dealership to do MSDs. If they say they don’t do them, I’d move onto the next one.

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If you really like the IS, I’d look into a CPO. Tax on the full purchase price makes it a lot harder to get a good deal on one in Maryland. They haven’t changed such aside from engines since this generation was released. They’re reliable cars and Lexus CPO warranty is one of the best (if not the best) in the business.

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Horrendous deal. Do you really like the IS so much that you’d pay the price of two Q50s for one IS300?

One problem is that in the luxe sedan category you usually have to get the entry-level volume engine to get the real deals, in this case the IS 200t (the exception is the Q50, where the 3.0t is the volume model). Are you willing to go to the IS 200t? Dealers have a ton more stock and are probably going to be more ready to make a deal.

EDIT: NEVERMIND! Just noticed that the IS 200t is now called the IS 300, so ignore that advice.

The AI of this site is doing it’s job. :smirk:

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I just wish it wasn’t within my post.

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With a similar MSRP, I’m unsure the Q50 will significantly differ in price. From what others have said here, the MD sales tax is a primary driver of the higher cost.

It should. Q50 is fairly easy to get 20% off sticker. Don’t think IS sees as much off. It’s a lower volume model.