2018 Lexus GX 460 Premium NorCal (634.81 mo. $2500 Drive off)

I wasn’t able to make the LH Calc match (operator error) the actual deal numbers. I’d appreciate it if anyone can explain how to do it.

This whole thing was surreal. After months, I finally talked my wife into leasing a 4Runner. On the way to have her test drive one for the final pass last weekend she says, “What is Lexus?” I go on explain it’s Toyota’s luxury line. She says she saw one while running the other day, and wondered out-loud if they had a 4Runner version… Long story short the GX is in our driveway!

To add to the madness on the way down to Santa Cruz for our first voyage my up until this very moment incredibly responsible 12 year old gets bubble gum on her seat. OMG, I’ve never heard such language from my wife! Seats fine BTW.


P.S. Per @Ursus recommendation. Rich Gasaway @ McCoy Auto Brokers in Novato, CA is the awesome dude that helped me. Couple phone calls and a few texts and then 30 minutes to do the paperwork at pickup a few days later.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Per title

Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

MSRP: $59899
Selling Price: $56834
Monthly Payment: $634.81
Cash Due at Signing: $2500
MSD: None
Incentives: $1000 Lease Cash

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12000
MF: 00025
Residual: 58%

Region: Northern California, Bay Area
Leasehackr Score: 8.1, but not correct

Too bad you didn’t ask for advice before signing your deal. Enjoy the GX460.

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Would you mind sharing what I might of improved on, or where I screwed up?

Thank you.

Selling price should have been at least 10% off before incentives.

Your MSRP is slightly higher than this deal below, but his payment and due at signing is much lower than yours and he got more mileage.

Did you look in the marketplace, or anywhere for that matter, before you bought this to try and establish a baseline for a “good lease”.

Here is one from Feb in the marketplace, at $469.

Based on this, you are at least a $150 over where you could have been on the monthly. As @jon mentioned a total of 10% off of MSRP would have taken care of this. Looks like you got about 3.5%?.

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Thank you. I think its 5% off MSRP.

Yes, I probably could of pushed harder. However, the car came from quite a distance as it was a pretty rare color combo. I was tired of calling 50, 100, 200 miles out and not getting any hits. When I called the broker I was impressed he found the one we wanted so fast and the price seemed reasonable.

Thanks again

Oof… Jon you are correct. Here in SoCal I got two for clients this week at 6-7k off the GX460 before the rebate. The discount should have been double.