Gx460 premium- over 10% off- $427 one pay/ $469 monthly

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2018 Lexus GX 460 Premium]

MSRP: [$58,765]
Selling Price: [$52,750] (before ANY rebates)
Rebates: [$750 loyalty/conquest]

(Going based off of NY rebates, out of state may be different)

Please only contact me if you’re within NY, NJ, CT, PA

Months: [39]
Annual Mileage: [7,500]

MF: [.00050]
Residual: [60%]

Total Due At Signing: [$2,200] (first month, $795 lexus bank fee, $350 dmv (new plates), $595 doc)
Down payment: [ZERO!]
Monthly Payment (excl. tax): [$469]


Security Deposit Accepted?: [No]

Leasehackr Score: [10.4 years]

Need to take delivery by end of Feb.

Serious inquiries only please.

Contact me at elegantautoleasing@gmail.com if interested!

Oh the condescending guy is back, now with my car lol.

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So… what do you think of the price this time around?

I did better on the discount, and without the outrageous doc fee. The doc is AT LEAST $816 dollars. That is me figuring dmv is 275 (usually less)

Good catch, doc fee is $595, wrote $2250 instead of $2200. New plates are 350

LFS allows NY residents to do one-pay for the lower MF?

For residents outside of NY, doing 6 MSDs is probably better so you don’t have to pay everything upfront, but still get a great MF of .00002.

The dealer told me no MSD

Could it be a dealer sort of thing that they don’t want to do it?

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Yes, one pay is allowed by LFS for NY residents

MF is marked up from 0.0003, no doubt to increase the discount.

Edit: incorrect, Lexus MF are regional

Only 7,500 miles as well. Another meh “deal”.

MF is not marked up. Not sure what you mean.

Can you use the MS Reserved $3k discount with this?

That is my mistake, just saw that MF varies by region with Lexus on this model.

Not too familiar with it, have never done a deal with the MS discount

email me and I will ask the dealer


Are you sure there’s $500 of lease cash on this thing in February? I don’t think it’s there, but could be wrong.

Yeah $500 rebate $750 conquest

Oh wait you’re right. The $500 was on the NX.

What would monthly be if you did 12k a year?

adds $30/mo (20 char)

Tried to email you, not sure how to send pms. Looking for a volvo xc60